Miley Cyrus Sheer Shock Value and a Little US Censorship

Miley Cyrus at EMA
Former popular star of Hannah Montana, twerking queen of the VMA awards and she of the very long and curved tongue, has actually managed to shock the world yet again.  It seems footage of Miley Cyrus accepting her Best Video award at the MTV European Music Awards (EMA) on Sunday for her Wrecking Ball video has landed up being sheer shock value once more and was hit just a little by censorship for US audiences on MTV.

Why you may ask.  Well, for starters the award ceremony was held in Amsterdam, that city which is famous for its “coffee shops” where patrons can enjoy partaking of a little marijuana.  While marijuana is not strictly speaking legal in the Netherlands, people who like it cannot actually be prosecuted for carrying a small amount of the green stuff, and can smoke it openly in the “coffee shops” or at home.

It is not such a good idea to smoke it in the streets, however, and probably an extremely bad idea to smoke it on stage while accepting an EMA award.

After telling the world that there wasn’t room in her purse for her award, she reaches in and says there was room, however, for a “cigarette” which she then lights up and enjoys a deep drag, to enormous applause.

Yes, exactly, while up on the stage accepting her award, Miley Cyrus lit up and puffed away at, let’s say, a rather “suspicious looking” cigarette.  The shock value was sheer and brash indeed, and resulted in MTV censoring that portion of the show in US TV coverage of her appearance at the event.

While probably trying hard to impress her fans, the output on Twitter tended to be along the lines of “What on Earth was she thinking.”  Even the host of  This Morning, Eamonn Holmes made a remark by tweeting:

“Miley Cyrus raises eyebrows again. At MTV awards she appears to smoke a joint. Tries a bit too hard to be controversial …”

Besides being wreathed in controversial smoke, Miley also decided to forgo the idea wearing an elegant dress to the event, like most ladies do, and instead donned a backless, rather revealing, halter top outfit, severely cut away in the, well, front area, which left very little to the imagination of the gawping audience, together with a little white fluffy thing covering her shoulders.

Besides shocking the music world with the marijuana smoke, prior to that incident, and while singing her latest popular hit We Can’t Stop, clad in a body-fitting silver spandex leotard, looking for all the world like a new age astronaut, she did the tongue thing again.  Next the audience was treated to a little of her now infamous “twerking” after which she not only grabbed hold of her accompanying dancer’s breasts, but she even rubs her face into the girl’s cleavage.

How far can a girl go before she’s gone just too far and what sort of influence can something like this have on the youth of today?

According to Lucy Dawe, a member of the anti-drug group, Cannabis Skunk Sense, Miley needs to be “dealt with” by the legal system, telling the UK media:

“We are getting more and more of these high-profile people flouting the law and nothing seems to be done.  She is a bad role model to the young people who look up to her. It is highly irresponsible. We are now at a stage where we are normalizing the use of cannabis, which has horrendous implications, especially for teenagers.”

This incident also comes in the wake of that other controversial singer Lady Gaga admitting to smoking marijuana to dull the pain of a bad hip injury recently suffered by her.

What will Miley Cyrus come up with next?  If she wants to avoid US censorship again, purely for the shock value of it all, she may have to seriously think twice before putting on yet another stunt.

By Anne Sewell

Daily Mail



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