Miss Universe 2013 Emerald Diamond and Ruby Photo Shoot

Miss Universe 2013 Emerald Diamond and Ruby Photo Shoot

Miss Universe 2013 Emerald Diamond and Ruby Photo Shoot

The emerald, diamond and ruby one-of-a-kind swimsuit; worth a million dollars, will be worn by Miss Universe 2013 the day after winning her crown will be under the gaze of an armed guard. The unique swimsuit; designed by YAMAMAY for the Miss Universe contest, will be shown to audiences the world over at one point during the ceremony tomorrow.

This expensive “one off” creation has been under guard ever since it left Milan, Italy for its final destination of Moscow, Russia. YAMAMAY have designed all the swimsuits for the competition and these glamorous creations will be the introduction to the company’s newest line of swimsuits. The million dollar swimwear was created to launch their new line, but also to commemorate this years competition.

Miss Universe 2013 will take place in Moscow at Crocus City Hall, tomorrow on November 9. It has been pointed out that the show’s swimwear styles for the contest have changed over the years. The suits have Evolved naturally since the pageant began 62 years ago. This year’s swimsuits are said to evoke a glamorous “punk” style that was heavily influenced by the movie stars of the 1950’s.

Apparently, the new YAMAMAY FOR MISS UNIVERSE line will “honor” those elegant styles worn by sophisticated and glamorous women from that time period. The million dollar swimsuit will be unveiled during the 2013 Miss Universe competition where the ruby, emerald and diamond suit will be on show to audiences all over the world.

This is the first, and only, swimsuit worth a cool million, and it will be quite an event. One that could compete with all those beautiful contestants from around the world. After the contest ends, the swimsuits worn by the hopefuls will be available for purchase online and and in selected retail outlets across the world. This is the beginning of the YAMAMAY and Miss Universe “partnership” and the winner of the contest will be used in the worldwide promotion for the new line.

While the newest crown holder will not wear the swimsuit on the night of the competition, a press conference will be held the next day where she will pose in the million dollar creation. It will be the new Miss Universe’s first “formal” photo shoot and it will take place before Miss Universe international press corps. The actual press event will be at the Crowne Plaza World Trade Centre in Moscow.

Fans who want to vote on their favorite Miss Universe contestant can do so by going to the website www.MissUniverse.com. Their votes will be made in “real-time.” This is a new part of the competition where fans are encouraged to vote under the “you be the judge” app. During the swimsuit competition, the hopefuls can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. Interactive voting, with the same sort of voting scale, will also be available during the evening gown and final question portions of the contest.

Although this new High 5 Games interactive application will allow viewers to vote via the website, they will have no bearing on who is chosen. It is merely a chance for followers of the pageant to interact the show and to see how others have voted. The app will also allow fans to see Miss Universe judges final score for each contestant. Viewers can also post their opinions which will appear onscreen during the telecast.

Apparently viewers will also be able to watch the official Miss Universe 2013 press conference the following day on November 10. This will be the chance to see the crowned winner in that emerald, ruby and diamond swimsuit for the first time.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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