Miss Universe 2013 Models Million Dollar Swimsuit

Miss Universe 2013 Models Million Dollar Swimsuit

Miss Universe 2013 Models Million Dollar Swimsuit

It was well publicised that the winner of the Miss Universe 2013 pageant would be modeling the million dollar swimsuit the day after she won the crown. That is exactly what happened on Monday November 11. The swimwear was designed by  Yamamay as a special commemorative outfit for the 2013 competition.

On Sunday, Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler; called Molly by her friends, won the 2013 contest and the 25 year-old also “won” the opportunity to wear this 900 jewel encrusted swimsuit. She posed for pictures in Moscow, Russia for her first “formal” Miss Universe photoshoot.

The swimsuit; valued at a million dollars, is made up of rubies, diamonds and emeralds on a white fabric background looked stunning on the winning Isler. According to her, this first photo opportunity marked the beginning of her official duties as the new Miss Universe.

Speaking to the media, she revealed that she was very happy sharing her first day of wearing the crown and the swimsuit.  She confessed that she was a “simple girl” who came to have fun and enjoy “the moment.” The one-off designer one piece suit had been under guard since the beginning of the contest and while posing she asked jokingly where the guards were as she was going to “run with it [the suit].

Paula Shugart, president of the Miss Universe organization humorously replied that they did still have the armed guards so Isler should not get “any ideas.”

Miss Universe 2013 Models Million Dollar Swimsuit
María Gabriela Isler, aka Miss Universe 2013

The joint organizers of the Miss Universe pageant have not said whether the  Yamamay designed suit would be for sale, though there would be few that could afford such an expensive bit of swimwear.

Isler’s full name is María Gabriela Isler and she grew up in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. According to the new Miss Universe’s website profile, she is a trained flamenco dancer; a “second mother” to her niece and a personality on the Venevision TV Network .

The former Miss Venezuela is the seventh winner of the Miss Universe title from her country and the only other country to have more wins is the USA with eight wins since the pageant started. The excited beauty told reporters on the day of the million dollar photoshoot that she had been up until the “wee hours” talking with her “loved ones” about her win.

Not only was “Molly” excited about her win, but so was the president of her country Nicolas Maduro. The Venezuelan president got onto his Twitter account to tweet that Isler’s win was a “triumph for Venezuela.”

The photographs of the new Miss Universe 2013 in the commemorative million dollar swimsuit have been flooding the internet since they were taken on Monday. This is the first act of the newest crown wearing winner of the pageant and she was as dazzling as any of the stones on her suit. The combination of Isler and the suit, makes the value rise from a million dollars to priceless.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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