Motorola Aims to Dethrone Apple’s iPhone as Leading Smartphone



Google-owned company Motorola has announced the release of a new affordable device with customized premium smartphone features contract-free. The phone, titled Moto G, will be very similar to the previous model, Moto X. The smartphone has been presented with several advantages that Motorola believes might just appeal more to customers than Apple’s iPhone 5s.

The 16GB Moto G is set to be priced at $199 without a contract, whereas Apple’s asking price for a contract-free iPhone 5s is a whopping $649. Motorola spokesmen stated that their new phone would outperform the iPhone 5s in terms of both screen resolution and size. The Moto G’s screen will be 4.5 inches, a half inch bigger than the iPhone 5s. The Moto G’s screen also has 720p, 329 PPI resolution, making it denser than the 5s.

Motorola’s phone was also designed to have an enhanced battery life, which is a leading concern among most current Apple device users. The company claims that the Moto G’s battery has the capacity to last up to fourteen hours of continuous talk time, while the iPhone 5s is said to run out of fuel after ten.

Unlike the Moto X, the Moto G is being made to cater to buyers who do not live inside the United States. Therefore, the company hasn’t designed the phone to run on LTE, since it has limited availability in other countries. The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz processor as well as 1 GB of RAM. Motorola customers also instantly receive 50GB of free Google Drive Storage upon buying the Moto G. It is void of any contractual obligations, which is a major advantage for people outside the United States. The phone also comes in many different colors for no additional price.

However, the iPhone 5s has several features that are unavailable with the new Motorola phone. For example, the 5s now has a scanner that uses fingerprints as a lock/unlock option. It can save prints from up to five fingers. It also runs on LTE and is compatible with more applications than the Moto G. The device’s camera has been given new capabilities and updates, such as taking slow motion videos and snapping up to ten photos per second. Apple merchandise has been proven to be extremely competent, useful and reliable.

Still, it is argued that the extra features that are only available on the iPhone are more “gimmicky” than they are useful. The Moto G was created with efficiency in mind, and the target consumers were people who needed competent smartphones with premium features. Motorola spokesmen said that they aimed to make a phone that was affordable without sacrificing quality.

Motorola spokesmen have voiced their confidence that the Moto G will be able to attract even avid Apple supporters. The current superiority of either phone isn’t definitive. Both are created with features that satisfy needs and wants of people who buy smartphones, and they do so. Each may be the perfect device for different people, but it can’t be decided which one fits the most people’s needs until Motorola at least tallies up their sales and makes numbers back up their claims.

By: Hend Salah

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