Neuropathy Are You Standing

NeuropathyNeuropathy known in the medical word as Peripheral Neuropathy. Not a single condition, but a multiple array of different underlying conditions, causing never pain. In layman’s terms it means damaged nerves. Three types of nerves: Autonomic; regulates all your the automatic functions in your body. Heart beat, breathing just to name a couple. Motor nerves; control of the muscles and Sensory nerves; the pathways to the brain.

The main cause the researchers have found for Neuropathy is Diabetes about 70%. People with a high glucose have what they refer to as Diabetic Neuropathy. Causing nerve damage, so the patient always feels pain or the lack there of. This why diabetics go undiagnosed because of “insensate” trauma to their feet. Becoming the leading cases for diabetic foot issues.

By visiting your Doctor and having him/she properly diagnose you with a full medical history and physical examination. During your physical exam the Doctor will certain tests to begin to find which Peripheral Neuropathy for have. There two types of main tests they will put you through. First; A vibration test and a monofilament test. These tests are very accurate in diagnosing people with Diabetes large fiber peripheral neuropathy. They will as run a blood test to check it for exposure to any types of toxins. They will also run what they call a nerve condition study (NCS) an electrical test to follow nerve impulses as it runs down the nerve or a electromyelography (EMG) which records the electrical activity in the muscles.

Feet are not the only area Neuropathy can harm. It can also affect your heart, lungs, and even your eyes. Making you unaware of inflicted spots. A few symptoms to look out for are: A pin and needle feeling in one or both of your feet. You have open sores on your feet or even your legs that heal slowly. Your feet and legs hurt at night causing you to lose sleep. Seek medical attention right away if it persists. As you grow older, the risks become greater to develop Neuropathy or nerve damage due to diabetes.

You cannot correct any type of nerve damage. You will have it for the rest of your life. Being diabetic your chances are higher. There is no cure for Neuropathy. You need to slow the progress of the Neuropathy and then you need to get the pain under control to a manageable level. One sure fire way to help manage Neuropathy is by getting your glucose levels down to a normal percentage. Diet and exercises can really help, along with medications. Such as antidepressants, pain medication and topical agents; like foot creme. Keep watch for the side affects for most medications. Dizziness, headache, tiredness, vomiting just to name a few.

Controlling your Neuropathy can be easy if you: Eat healthy; Do not skip meals; Ask your Doctor about gluten, vitamins, and lipoic acid; Do not drink to much alcohol; Stay away from refined grain; always eat your omega-6 fatty acids; and always, always ask your medical team for advice on your diet.

By Zondra Mae

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