New Jersey Dog Crowned “World’s Ugliest” Has Died

New Jersey Dog Crowned "World's Ugliest" Has Died


The little dog from the state of New Jersey who had been crowned as the “ugliest dog in the world” back in 2007 had died. His name was Elwood and he was 8 years of age.

Apparently the canine passed away unexpectedly on this past Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, stated his owner, Karen Quigley.

Quigley, who lives in Sewell, New Jersey, explained that the Chihuahua and Chinese crested mix had suffered with some health problems in the past several months but had been thought to be doing just fine here lately.

The ugliest dog in the world had no hair except for a tuff of whitish fur which looked like a Mohawk sitting on top of his head. He was also dark in color, had extremely large eyes and a tongue which was actually too big for the small dog’s mouth and usually ended up hanging out from the side of it. Elwood was very often affectionately nicknamed E.T. or Yoda by his many loving fans, because he had somewhat of a resemblance to each of these famous characters out of the science-fiction realm.

Back in 2006, Elwood lost the yearly ugly dog contest test. That was the year he came in second place. It was held at the Marin-Sonoma County Fair in California. He was determined to win the title in 2007 and so he did.

He made sure he was photographed with his tongue hanging out of his mouth even before the beginning of the competition. That was the year he took home the crown.

After this, Quigley grew inspired by her rescue dog and his special story so she decided to pen a book in his honor. It became a beloved children’s story that taught kids how to understand there are differences in appearance, but that is okay. The book was titled: Everyone Loves Elwood.

The dog became famous having the “ugliest dog” title bestowed upon him, and his little face started showing up all around the world. He could be found in all sorts of media outlets not only in America but also Australia, Chile, Ireland, London, Spain, Italy, France and numerous other countries as well.

Quigley got Elwood as a rescue dog in New Jersey thanks to an investigation which was looking into preventing cruelty to animals. He was in poor shape when she first saw him and she took note that he was making very weird noises. He also had a cold.  The breeder he was taken from had planned to put him down because she basically felt he was too ugly to live, and no one would want to buy him from her. Quigley has stated that as soon as she saw Elwood, she fell in love with the dog and decided to take him home. She also had numerous other dogs and cats she had gotten from other New Jersey shelters.

After that, Elwood and Quigley never looked back.

The world and New Jersey’s  “ugliest dog” brought a lot of beauty to it.  He will be sorely missed by his owner, and many adoring fans alike, respectively.

By Kimberly Ruble


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