Nintendo NES Cartridge Flask Now Available

Nintendo NES Flask

The Nintendo NES cartridge flask is now available for pre-order. Only six days ago Matt Cornell and his team finished their “Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask” thanks to the help of Kickstarter. The team offers five different knock-off game influenced flasks that seamlessly look just like old Nintendo games.

Retro gamers have a lot of love for their favorites games and can now celebrate that love with a drink. Made by a passionate gamer who understands brand love, Matt Cornell wanted to give something to those that also love retro games. Kickstarter is truly a great invention, one that has allowed like-minded thinkers to fund this project to past its expected goal. Their goal was $12,000 but they managed to get $39,905 with the help of 1,344 backers. To see such support really shows that people like the idea as much as Cornell does.

The team is now ready to sell these glorious flask’s for the low price of $15. The real question is what does the selection look like? Keeping in mind that these are knock-offs of original games, here are the five available flasks. The first is of course the family fun classic, Drunk Hunt.

Nintendo NES Flask

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this flask, The Legend of Drink.

Nintendo NES Flask

Metal Beer couldn’t be introduced any better than this, “SS doesn’t always drink beer…But when he does, he puts a beer hat on and drinks three cans at a time. Respect.”

Nintendo NES Flask

Castlevodka, represents “your favorite way to forget about the most recent blood-sucking vampire in your life. They didn’t deserve you, anyway.”

Nintendo NES Flask

The last on the list is the most commonly seen at local bars everywhere, Super Bar-Hope Bros.

Nintendo NES Flask

If these flask’s are something you are interested in they can be pre-ordered now from the Ink Whiskey website which you can find a link to at the bottom of this article. These will not be shipped until March 2014 seeing as they’ve only just finished their kickstarter fund. Each flask costs $15.00 or you can buy all five for $70.00. These prices will only last until Cyber Monday so act fast.

This is only the beginning for Ink Whiskey. They’ve drawn up some possible plans for flask holders and other possibilities. Ink Whiskey can be found on Facebook and Twitter and they are open to hearing suggestions and other ideas. This is a great start but there are a number of different games they could make flasks from. What games would you like to see turned into flasks? Maybe you would prefer something different like an SNES cartridge instead of a NES cartridge, if so feel free to contact Ink Whiskey and let them know about what you think would be the best addition to their selection.

Nintendo NES Flask's at Ink Whiskey

If you are drawn to the idea of having a Nintendo NES cartridge that can feed you delicious liquids then Ink Whiskey is the website for you. Remember that these of course do not have to be used for alcohol, but if you do please drink responsibly. These flask’s can be pre-ordered now but shipping does not commence until March 2014.


By Garrett Jutte

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