Ohio Boy Devin Kohlman Who Had Early Christmas Dies

Ohio Boy Devin Kohlman Who Had Early Christmas Dies

Ohio boy Devin Kohlman, age 13, was informed by doctors that he did not have very much longer to live. So his last wish was he wanted to be home for his favorite holiday, which was Christmas. Thanks to his hometown of Port Clinton, Ohio, the child got to enjoy that last wish. It was just in time too for Devin has died, just two weeks after his hometown greeted him with the making of that wish. They put a Christmas tree just outside his window and also had Santa Claus riding around on a motorcycle.

The people of this small Ohio town, which is located near Lake Erie, spent the last couple of weeks giving him exactly what he had wished for, an early Christmas. They sang Christmas carols outside his apartment. Citizens made tons of shaved ice which looked look like snow and placed it all around his bedroom window. They also decorated an entire park with cutouts of reindeer, hung strings of colorful lights and they made a giant red sign which read “Merry Christmas, Devin”.

The Ohio boy was diagnosed with brain cancer back in the summer of 2012. He passed away on Monday afternoon, stated his family. His friends and relatives all got together for a vigil after his death. There was an early season snowfall which quietly blanketed the town during that time.

He was able to see how much everyone loved him, stated Alexis Kohlman, Devin’s mother, on Tuesday morning.

Devin was flown from a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio where he was receiving treatment, to his hometown of Port Clinton on Oct. 27. That was the only way he was able to go home. It allowed him to be able to spend his last days as he wanted. Many town residents were along the city’s central street when Devin was taken home by a police escort late at night.

Even though he was unable to go outside, Devin could watch from his window how his Ohio town was helping in making his last wish to come to virtualization.

There was over hundreds of people who were singing Christmas carols when he returned and that was when Santa himself happened to come by on the motorcycle.

Devin had a sense of enjoyment in knowing that so many people cared about him, explained a friend of the family.

He received thousands of cards with some of them coming from as far away as Australia, France and even Russia. They filled up the family’s apartment and had been sent by people who had heard of the young Ohio boy and his tragic story.

They were able to read as many of the cards to Devin as possible, stated Alexis. Her son, she added, reminded everyone around the world what was important and that was love.

She stated how Devin loved to play sports and always wanted to be the center of attention. The family even kidded him that he would one day be famous.

There was an abundance of toys and teddy bears as well. They just kept pouring in. Many were received from donation boxes which had been placed all over the Ohio city. Its population is around 6,000 individuals and it is located midway between Cleveland and Toledo.

He ended up giving away most of the gifts. Devin wanted to made sure that all his classmates who came to visit him got a teddy bear in which to take home.

The child touched the hearts of many people, the family friend added. She said that she hoped Port Clinton, Ohio would continue to show that kind of love for all its residents that it showed Devin. For Devin himself, everyone can hope that his early Christmas this year was one of his favorites.


By Kimberly Ruble

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