Ozone on Ground Level

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Many people are aware of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. The majority of the world’s citizens are also aware of its protective qualities such as protecting the Earth from the sun’s harmful radiation. All one has to do is watch a few independent environmental documentaries to know what the ozone layer does and the effect to it as well as the rest of the atmosphere. Even though most damaging effects may be based on theory, there is a good understanding of its attribution. However, most don’t know of its beneficial qualities here on ground level with people. Now, ozone in a large quantity can be dangerous to any living creature, but if it is regulated correctly it has incredible qualities that have been very beneficial for mankind.

Ozone can be introduced in any home, living, or working space to eliminate mold, bacteria and harmful pathogens which would like-wise end up in the lungs. There are literally thousands of particles in an area of breathing air at one time and yes it is nearly impossible to avoid this frightening statistic, but with ozone, one can eliminate the living micro-organisms that are harmful to humans. This technology has not only been proven to kill or prevent mold in the home; nor has it been proven to kill such pathogens as the rhino virus or influenza itself.

Many many be baffled by the information portrayed here. Wondering why this information has not been publicly shared with all citizens of the earth. Well, tha question is incredibly complicated, because this writer is still searching for an answer. There have been a list of credible sources that praise the responsible use of ozone as the next miracle treatment. Comparing it to be as good for breathing air as hydrogen peroxide for a cut. Unfortunately however, it is much easier to find an article online that misrepresents the technological ability. The fact is ozone when used responsibly has truly great benefits for our health and breathing qualities. If it is used irresponsibly, then it could have dangerous effects on any respiratory system animal and human alike. It’s important to pay attention to how much ozone is used compared to the air around it.

There is still research that needs to be continued on the subject of ozone. With all the beneficial qualities that have been found in this particle, hopefully there will be more to come. One can purchase ozone generators from a variety of contractors or manufactures. It’s being used for many other benefits as well. Hunters use ozone to mask their scent, mold specialists use it to sterilize homes from harmful compounds, and everyday another concerned family installs it in their home to improve the breathing quality for themselves and their family. With time the use of this particle will prove itself to be the next great thing for each citizen, globally, or maybe it won’t live up to the hype. Only time will tell.

By Bradley Russell Butler

World Bank Group
Reason Foundation

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