Philippines Donation Plea to Fans from Half-Filipino Enrique Iglesias


Enrique Iglesias, the half-Filipino Spanish popular singer, urges his fans to donate to give assistance to the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and has added a link to the donations page on the website of the American Red Cross from his own official website.

Iglesias, 38, is well known for hits such as Hero and Heart Attack and is the son of veteran singer Julio Iglesias. His mother is Isabel Preysler, a magazine journalist and a socialite, who left home in the Philippines in her teens and moved to Madrid, Spain.  Preysler was nicknamed “The Pearl of Manila” in Spain’s entertainment magazines when she first married Iglesias’ father.

His parents have since split up and his mother is now the wife of Spain’s Finance Minister, Miguel Boyer.  Always close to his mother, Iglesias has not forgotten his Filipino roots.  Even though Iglesias is currently on tour in the United States, he has asked his fans to help with donations to assist in the disaster.

The half-Filipino singer makes a plea to fans to visit the Enrique Iglesias official website, where  anyone can make a donation to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines via the link to the American Red Cross website.  Iglesias says on his website, “People in the #Philippines need our help right away! Please consider donating to #Haiyan disaster relief. You’ll feel good that you did.”

According to estimates by the UN, typhoon Haiyan has probably killed more than 10,000 people in the Philippines, but due to the severe devastation, figures are difficult to estimate.

At least 11.3 million Filipinos have been hit by the disaster with around 673,000 left without homes.  Some areas of the country have literally been destroyed with trees and buildings completely flattened.  Thousands of people are struggling to find food and clean water, digging through the rubble left by the storm.  Others are now gradually starting to bury their dead.

The current storm comes in the wake of a devastating 7.2-magnitude quake which hit the Philippines last month, destroying the homes of approximately 350,000 Filipinos.

The Red Cross in the Philippines has the motto,  “always first, always ready and always there” and aims to be more effective than ever this year to try and assist in the situation.

Besides the current disaster, the organization will be implementing its efforts in 2013 in Blood Services, Community Health and Nursing, Disaster Management, Safety, Social, Red Cross Youth Services and promotion of International Humanitarian Law.

The PRC is giving the Red Cross assistance in training, equipment purchases, improving technological know-how and also intensifying daily operations to uplift humanitarian services to all, especially the most vulnerable in the country.

Half-Filipino Enrique Iglesias arrived on the Spanish music scene back in 1995 and has become the all-time biggest-selling artist in Spain with over 100 million albums sold worldwide and thousands of fans.  His heart is set on using his influence to assist in bringing in worthwhile donations to the people of the Philippines.  Speaking of his heart, Iglesias’ latest hit, Heart Attack, is included below.

By: Anne Sewell

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