PlayStation 4: How Does it Feel?

 PlayStation 4 launches today

Today, November 15 of 2013 marks the beginning of something beautiful. The PlayStation 4 arrives to the U.S. and Canada. The next generation of video game consoles is here (ignoring the existence of the Wii U entirely, sorry Nintendo). Many loyal gamers know that if we have learned anything from the past it is the console launches can mean messy business. So far we don’t have the Xbox One, and won’t for about a week. Which means that the PlayStation 4 has our current attention, so lets find out how it feels so far.

The box. Small and comes with a handle. This is not a big deal but it does mean the Sony is on top of their product in every aspect, the moment you get that new console just holding it is easy and feels great. Lets say you get home and bust the box open. If you are like me the first thing you did was grab the controller. Comfortable like nothing before it. Weighing only six pounds, the PlayStation 4 controller has gone through a number of tiny tweaks to be the best. For example the analog sticks are gently rounded at the outside to comfortably keep your thumbs in the action. The L2 and R2 buttons are the best form of trigger buttons the PlayStation has ever know, they even handle more smoothly than in the past The overall look of the controller still looks similar to the first PlayStation but if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

The console looks slick but what really matters is how it plays. The PlayStation 3 had a lot of waiting times to sit through each time a new game was inserted or when you played a big game and got to a new section. Here the loading times are truly surprising. Everything the system needs to do it does automatically. If you put in a new disc it downloads so quickly that after watching the intro scene you probably won’t have any waiting time. You’d think that so much work on the console would cause some heat or noise but surprisingly it was very quiet, only making notable noise when the disc was first put in.

New Sony Console

The PlayStation button works incredibly smooth. Just a press will take you out of your game (the game will automatically pause of course) and back to the home menu where you can navigate freely and do a number of different things. Using that method you can easily jump into another game but of course the system can not keep both games going at once, but it warns you of this obviously.

Right now is the danger time for Sony. Most people that get a PlayStation 4 are going to jump online. Sony so far is having little to no problems with the massive amount of people getting online. If something goes wrong, it’ll probably happen with 48 hours of launch. Be careful because things could still go wrong.

There are not a lot of games available right now but if you have PlayStation Plus you can get access to a number of things, one of which being the game Contrast which is a platformer involving the use of shadows to maneuver, a great game to get for free. Besides that most of the games are currently shooter or sports games but that will change soon enough.

New PlayStation 4 title

So far the PlayStation 4 is blowing people away. From the controller to the lag free beautiful games it plays, the PlayStation feel great. Xbox One is truly going to have to surprise people if it wants to compete. The PlayStation 4 already has the advantage of time plus it feel great in a number of ways so far. If Sony is to have any problems they could be severe. So far things seem good still. If you have money and are not sure if you want to buy this system be careful, hands on exposure could certainly sway you.


By Garrett Jutte



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