PlayStation 4 Leaves One Man Dead

PlayStation 4 Leaves One Man Dead

A potential sale of a new PlayStation 4 game system ended up in a shooting this past week in Florida. It left one man dead and another taken to the hospital.

Emmanuel Johnson, age 25, died in a shoot-out in what was believed to be an argument between two men over the selling of the new Sony PS 4, stated Orlando police officials. The sale turned bad and is now the basis for a possible murder charge. The two men actually decided to meet outside Orlando police headquarters for the sale of the PlayStation. But for some reason, at the last minute, the meeting place was changed to a different address. It was at the 700 block of West Church Street, and that was where the shooting happened.

It is thought the two gunmen were the only ones involved in the gunfire, but detectives are still looking into what generated the deadly exchange between them. A 23-year-old suspect who is thought to have been the other shooter is presently in the hospital. If this man lives through his injuries, he will probably be facing murder charges. Even though the police do not think any other else was tangled up in the crime, everything remains under investigation, stated OPD spokesperson Sgt. Jim Young.

The Orlando police have still posted a picture of the dead man’s mug shot while trying to protect the identity of the other alleged shooter.

In the majority of states, the deliberate killing of another individual while committing a crime is considered to be first degree murder. Usually, first degree murder entails calculation or planning to kill the victim beforehand, but the felony murder rule permits defendants who triggered a death during the instruction of a dangerous crime, such as robbery, to be accused of this grave violation.

If the living gunman is accused of first degree felony murder, he could face the death penalty by Florida law.

However, if the lone survivor is charged with second degree murder, he could claim that he shot and killed Johnson in the name of self-defense. Since there is very little evidence over the altercation between the two gunmen, and so far no witnesses have come forward, it might be very hard for prosecutors to argue against any self-defense statements the shooter might proclaim.

Such a case is just one in a long streak of cases in which the publicity surrounding a new product such as a PlayStation 4 can start violence. It also seems that deals made on the Internet are largely responsible.

People must be careful when buying items from unknown third parties over the web. This could have been the very situation which led to Johnson’s demise.  All of this could have happened just because of a pre-arranged sale of the new PlayStation 4 console. Anyone that is interested in buying a new game system from a third party should remember to keep a few safety tips in mind so to help lessen risks of getting scammed or becoming involved in danger. Do not end up dead because of a PlayStation 4.

By Kimberly Ruble

NY Daily News

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