Playstation 4 Will Win the Battle with the Xbox One

PlayStation 4 Will Win The Battle With the Xbox One


PlayStation 4 will win the sales battle with the Xbox One this holiday season. The release of the next group of game consoles is near and PlayStation 4 is going to show why it will be the victor. Sony is all prepared to release that console come Nov. 15. On Nov. 22 is when Microsoft is scheduled to release the Xbox One.  Nintendo had the top selling console last year when they revealed the Wii U to the public around a year ago.

However the Wii U is doing poor in its sales so the clash has come down to being between Sony and Microsoft. In this fight the PlayStation 4 ends up having some major leads, and so there is a large chance that Sony’s console will be seeing the majority of sales this holiday.

It is true that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One do appear very alike on paper. Each one runs on processors and has graphics chips made from AMD. The processor built within either system has eight cores, and contain 8GB of RAM. But it seems that the PlayStation 4 is essentially much more powerful. Call of Duty: Ghosts, is game that has been made for either system. The PlayStation 4 version, however, will run at a resolution of 1080p, which is about the same as the majority of all HDTVs, while the Xbox One version can only reach a resolution of 720p. That is less than half the pixels.

But to keep it honest, the Xbox One can raise the lesser resolution, so the pictorial differences might not be that evident. The point that the PS4 is more powerful means that games that are limited to Sony’s console might outperform Xbox One private games.

Speaking of private games, Sony has a huge market edge here as well because it has many more exclusive titles to choose from. There are the Uncharted, Killzone, and Gran Turismo series’ and the LittleBigPlanet games.  The Uncharted games on PS3 sold nearly 15 million copies.

They are working on many new titles for the PS4. Microsoft has private games of its own, but it cannot equal the depth of what Sony has to offer. They have put a large importance on independent games, which has made the PS4 much easier to develop games for.  Sony’s list of exclusive games ends up beating Microsoft. The quality and also the quantity of PlayStation 4’s private games usually bypasses any made for Xbox One.

The PlayStation 4 is going to be released with a sale price of $399 while Microsoft is charging $499 for the Xbox One. In the past Sony has usually priced preceding consoles too high and this has been a mistake. The corporation is making sure not to do this again. The Xbox One will have a Kinect controller included, but pushing this as worth the extra cost is probably not the greatest of ideas.

Of course each console’s price will go down, but not for a while yet. Until that happens, the PS4 will have a major lead. New users are going to see the PlayStation 4 as a more powerful, but less expensive console that has better exclusives to play. These are going to have the PS4 at least at the start as probably selling more than the Xbox One.

So with that the PlayStation 4 will win the sales battle the Xbox One, at least in the beginning.


By Kimberly Ruble

IGN News

Daily Finance News



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