President Obama Alters the Plan

President Obama Health-Care Law
President Obama Health-Care Law

President Obama alters the plan for Americans and the health-care law; he will make a change to assure more Americans keep coverage. President Obama’s pledge to every American for affordable insurance under The Affordable Care Act is having some issues. Today he announced a change in the plan.

President Obama will let insurers keep individual plans for their customers an additional year. They won’t have to comply with the minimum benefits under the new law. He does not want to disappoint 40 million people, who for the first time have an opportunity for health insurance.

He feels this will help many people but not solve every issue. The Department of Health and Human services will tell state commissioners they have the Feds permission to let people keep such policies through 2014. The laws focus was assuring that everyone obtain certain benefits, so this will be on hold until the end of 2014.

President Obama alters the plan so that insurance companies who do not comply will have to inform their customers where they can obtain insurance who does.

Karen Ignami, the president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, feels the market and possibly premiums, may increase as companies have already set prices for a year based on age, health and transitions. Obama has acknowledged that the Affordable Care Act did have major issues which they are still resolving, especially the website. “The rollout has been rough, and I’m not happy,” Obama said live at the White House.

Approximately 1.5 million people have attempted to sign up and 600,000 have now signed on. The Americans who have insurance will be able to keep what they have for another year, but not purchase new plans which don’t meet the criteria. Ten minimum standards which are required by Obamacare include maternity care, emergency visits, mental health treatment, pediatric dental care and others.

House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio doesn’t think this is good enough. He also speaks of mistrust and scrapping the law. President Obama did apologize for the notices sent to people with a cancellation for their insurance policy. He cites the technical problems with the web sites as discouraging to folks. According to a map, states such as California, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Kentucky and New York have the highest enrollment numbers so far. Michigan has the largest amount of people that have had insurance cancelled on them.

President Obama’s pledge to every American is that he’s determined to make this Affordable Care Act work, to work through the issues and problems. President Obama alters the plan to hopefully keep more Americans with coverage until they can turn over their plan and receive better coverage. The Republicans are skeptical and have plans to vote on a bill ‘Keep Your Health Plan Act’ come Friday.

According to President Obama, somebody has got to do this and he pledges to solve the problems and bring insurance to every American. He was most likely unaware of how many insurance policies might be cancelled when he was conceiving Obamacare. Most of these plans were bought since 2010 and are private plans not connected with employers. So many are stop gap or limited plans to assist in a small way.

The top amount a person would pay out of pocket is $6,350 and if they have a pre-existing condition, no problem, no turn down. Sounds good. One of the best ideas is the insurance company can not turn you down when you get sick or drop you like they have in the past. This is the pledge to every American, as President Obama alters the plan to fix some issues.

Written by Kim Troike




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