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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Doing an Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr?

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Doing an Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr?

It looks like Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are doing an Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. Two weeks ago, Bloom and Kerr released a joint statement announcing that they were ending their six year relationship. Despite being married for three years and having a child together, 2 year-old Flynn, the two have called it quits. Now news is surfacing that Gosling and Mendes are in the process of ending their relationship.

Apparently the 32 year-old star of Only God Forgives and Eva have already parted for a brief time, six months ago, but, Mendes’ rep says the the 39 year-old actress is not ending things with Gosling at all. However, another source has come forward to say the the couple’s relationship is rocky at best. The same source said that the two are due to split very soon and they are surprised that they’ve lasted this long.

The reason for this “rocky patch” that the Hollywood couple are going through is that green eyed monster, jealousy. It seems that the The Place Beyond the Pines actress is allegedly wild with jealousy and a bit on the insecure side when it comes to her co-star from the same film.

Apparently, Ryan can be a bit on the moody side. This then gets Eva worried and a source has said that when she reaches that state, all it takes is a “mysterious text” to send Mendes over the top. Allegedly, Eva is paranoid that Gosling is talking to other women.

Friends of the actress have said that she is changing in the way that she refers to her lover. Earlier in the year, Mendes was gushing about Ryan as she talked of visiting him on the set of his latest film. That was then. Now she either changes the subject or “shuts” people down. It looks as though things have changed between the two and not in a good way.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes really do seem to be suffering a similar dilemma to Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. Although to be fair to Bloom and Kerr, they’ve been together much longer than Gosling and Mendes. They also have a child and they have taken into consideration their role as parents and have promised to maintain an air of respect for each other while raising Flynn.

The Place Beyond the Pines couple do not have a child and they are not married. Allegedly, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been having problems in their relationship since at least last March. Eva has played her cards close to her vest in the area of Gosling. When she was interviewed by the publication Marie Claire and they asked about Ryan, she spoke of their work on the film together and nothing about their personal closeness.

In the interview when she was pressed for an answer she clammed up and refused to speak about him in that context. She said that it was “too personal.” It has been said that Mendes has issues about commitment. There were also rumors that she had cheated on Gosling with her former romantic interest George Augusto, but, these rumors have never been confirmed.

While Eva has problems with making relationships more permanent Gosling, according to friends, is ready to make that commitment. Sources close to the two say that Eva loves Ryan, but, she is more of a “non-traditionalist” in the area of partnerships.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are allegedly in the process of breaking up just like Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. However, Unlike the other couple, they have not announced that it is over and they have not officially confirmed that they are having problems. Perhaps their issues can be solved with time and Eva’s continuing love for her man. Time will tell.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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