Sherlock Holmes and 5 Reasons to Watch

Sherlock Holmes and 5 Reasons

Sherlock Holmes and his famous self-titled series has returned for a third season. Although it may not be received the same attention that “Doctor Who” has at its feet, Sherlock has been given 4.5 stars and has been dubbed a “must watch.”

The show is a British television drama about the known and beloved Sherlock Holmes, detective and suave debonair who helps the Metropolitan Police Department. Here are five reasons to watch Sherlock Holmes in this new season.

1. It’s Sherlock Holmes

This is a character that many kids grew up wanting to be like. He was smart and always caught “the bad guy.” Now all the kids are grown up, and here he is again, fighting crime with his mind instead of his fists. Sherlock Holmes is a legend, and every legend is worth watching. This representation has been deemed pretty good by the high power of People magazine, and if they say it’s good, well it must be good.

2. Original Crime Show

There are so many crime shows on television these days, it’s exhausting. They’re all pretty much the same, too. Even though a large number of people enjoy crime shows, it can be annoying when they get repetitive. Shows like “Law and Order” and “CSI” have a high viewer rating, but many elements in the stories come to the same thing very often. In Sherlock’s case, this doesn’t become a problem. It has been commended on being new and original, and this is definitely a good one of the five reasons to watch Sherlock Holmes.

3. British Drama

This might be the least of the compelling reasons to watch the show, but it still has a little merit. Firstly, it isn’t a secret that American women absolutely love British accents. In fact, a recent survey showed that 70 percent of women openly said that a British accent easily increases the chances of their dating someone. What girl wouldn’t want to watch a show about a good-looking British man with their favorite accent?

4. Interesting Twist: Dr. John Watson

The story of Sherlock Holmes always comes with a side of Watson, the Holmes special sidekick. This character isn’t new, but his portrayal in this series definitely is. In the show, Watson is Holmes’ flatmate and has just returned from Afghanistan, where he was in military service. That’s new!

5. Awesome Graphics

The show isn’t just a low-budget story about answering puzzles. There is some really awesome graphic design in it, making it even more interesting to watch. The acting is wonderful enough on its own, but when capped with good graphic skills, it’s even better. This drama has been rated as one of the most thrilling shows currently on television, and anyone who enjoys being on the edge of their seat or being challenged with a riddle will love it.

The show is fresh and interesting, and  if anything, these five reasons to watch Sherlock Holmes should be enough to at least give the show a shot.

By: Hend Salah

Hollywood Reporter


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