Squinching Will Make You More Photogenic


squinchingSquinching will make you more photogenic, according to portrait photographer Peter Hurley. He teaches the art of squinching via his YouTube account, where he also doles out modeling and photography advice. Hurley was inspired by the idea of squinching from model Tyra Banks, who advocates something called “smizing,” which is a technique that emphasizes smiling with the eyes and sloping your jaw slightly downward.

What exactly is squinching? It’s a method that involves using certain eye and jaw movements that yield a photogenic photo. Hurley, who is a professional in his field and has worked with Levi’s, Reebok, and Axe Deodorant, claims he invented the squinching method. He says everyone can feel beautiful in front of a camera if they perfect this. He says he also employs this method with his models.

The primary move involved in squinching is pinching the lower eyelid a bit. It’s sort of like squinting, but not quite. This takes practice so doing this in front of a mirror is a good idea. Taking selfies is more common nowadays so practicing with a mobile phone camera is a cinch to perfect the art of squinching.

The reason people do not take good photos, Hurley says, is because once they are in front of a camera, they immediately become self-conscious and widen their eyes. Such a look, obviously, is not flattering for anyone. The key is to relax the eyes before attempting to squinch. In this scenario, practice does make perfect. Perfecting the art of squinching will help you feel more confident when taking photos so give it a try!

So, just who is this Hurley guy? A look at his bio on his website reveals he is a former model but before that, he raced sailboats, even trying out for the Olympics. He failed to make it but he did make a good friend on his photo shoots, a man named Bruce Weber, who became his mentor in photography. Modeling then led to acting but racing was still on his mind so he got a spot on the sailing team in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. At that time, Weber suggested that he take up photography, and the rest is history.

What’s Twitter saying about squinching?

@RealNealMayhemRead this, and instantly improve your Instagram selfies. Or not.

@thegrumpygirl: Squinching FTW I guess then.

@Kellilyn15: I have been practicing my squinching all morning… Can’t wait to show you my progress #squinching

@_grendan: important journalism happens every day

@Mededitor: Wordwatch: squinching (v). The act of slightly squinting and pinching the eyes, like the Clint Eastwood look

@coolstorysketch: I thought I made up a new word: squinching (squinting, but with your whole face.) Turns out it’s already a word, and that’s what it means.

‏@amaditalks: New life challenge: learning how to emote in my singing without squinching my face up like Prairie Dawn the muppet.

Watch Hurley demonstrate his squinching method. His YouTube video went viral after he posted it last week.

By Juana Poareo

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