Taylor Swift Live on Stage With Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi

Taylor Swift on Stage with Prince William and Jon Bon JoviIt seems 23 year old singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift can do nothing wrong at the moment.  First she collected four awards at the American Music Awards (AMA), and then she gets to sing live, on stage, with none other than Jon Bon Jovi and his Royal highness, Prince William.

At the AMA, she was honored to receive the following awards:  Artist of the Year, Best Female, Country Album of the Year and Female Country Artist.  Swift was thrilled and told the audience: “My lucky number is 13 and you guys have made 2013 the most magical year of my life so far.”

Then she was off to the Winter Whites charity gala, which was hosted by the Duke of Cambridge at Kensington Palace in London.

The event was planned to raise money for the charity Centrepoint, an organization which not only helps the homeless, but also supports young people by pre-emptively solving problems that could force them to have to live on the streets.

In the video below, you can watch as Bon Jovi invites the Karaoke Kid (a.k.a. his Royal highness) up on to the stage, whereupon Prince William elegantly enters stage right,  leading Swift, to join Bon Jovi in front of an audience of around 600 people.

Said audience was then treated to a harmonious cover of Living on a Prayer, sung by Jon Bon Jovi with a royal touch from Prince William and Taylor Swift contributing the backing vocals live on stage.

Later in the evening Swift was back on the stage to join Tinie Tempah in singing Written in the Stars following which Swift performed her hit songs I Knew You Were Trouble, Fifteen and Love Story.

Swift told the media that it was her first time playing at the Kensington Palace, “or any palace for that matter,” and said that it was just amazing and she wanted to thank Prince William for having her there.

Swift did mention that she found it strange that she ended up singing, Love Story, a song about palaces, princes and princesses, in an actual palace.

She added that the gala concert was an important event as it supports at-risk youth, support urgently needed in today’s economic climate.

Bon Jovi was presented with the Centrepoint Great Britain Youth Inspiration Award by Prince William in recognition of his humanitarian work with Soul Foundation, an organization he founded in the U.S. in 2006.  The organization helps people to break away from the cycle of homelessness and poverty, by giving them access to food, job training programs and affordable housing.

Thanking Prince William for the honor, Bon Jovi said that nights like that “happen once in a lifetime” but he said that a chance to affect change can last a lifetime.  He then addressed the audience saying, “Each one of you tonight have that chance to affect change.”

Other guests at the event included Benedict Cumberbatch and James Blunt, so it was a star-studded night all around.

Of interest to note is that Prince William’s wife, Catherine, was not at the event.  It is not known if they had trouble getting a babysitter, as Kate ended up looking after the new addition to the family, 4 month old Prince George.

However it was a night to remember forever for Taylor Swift as she sings live on stage with both H.R.H. Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi, and of course, it was all in a really good cause.

Video: Taylor Swift, Jon Bon Jovi and Prince William sing Living on a Prayer:

Swift and company mingling after the performance:

By Anne Sewell


 LA Times


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