Taylor Swift Loves Them and Leaves Them

Taylor Swift Loves Them and Leaves Them
Taylor Swift Loves Them and Leaves Them

Taylor Swift is fast on her feet.  She seems to go through boyfriends more often than a tube of lipstick.  The songstress with the golden locks is decisive and rather not waste time when it comes to love.  She has made headlines over the last few years with her crushes, dinner dates, month long relationships and seasonal romances.  No love lost for this gal, as she keeps a fast pace in her world of music, business and love.

Taylor Swift, the almost 24 year old from Reading, Pennsylvania, knows what she wants, at least for now.  She has been linked with the likes of Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Harry Styles and the late Cory Monteith.  One of her most famous boyfriends was Conor Kennedy, but being four years her junior, he may have been a little young for Taylor.  As for Ed Sheeran, her co-writer of Everything Has Changed, they are just good buddies.

At her young age, Taylor has proven her success while doing what she loves.  Her fame and fortune has been icing on the cake for the songwriter who writes all her own material.  She certainly is not in the Red, as she has provided quite nicely for herself.  Her homes in Los Angeles, Nashville and a beachfront property in Rhode Island appear to be more than a comfortable escape from her travels on the road.  There never seems to be a dull moment in Taylor’s life as she jets around the world and hob nobs with friends.

Taylor Swift is a wise business woman.  The intelligent and talented singer and actress is estimated at having a new worth of over $80 million with the amount rising on a daily basis.  She is an endorser of many nationally known products such as Sony, Diet Coke and Cover Girl.  The down to earth country gal at heart, does not wear her heart on her sleeve as she moves from show to show around the globe.  Taylor Swift is simply enjoying life and a few boyfriends along the way.  She knows if things are working or meant to be, and so far, she is keeping her options open in the love department.

Taylor Swift is a dreamer and lover of life.  She takes things as they come and says goodbye when the time is right.  It is no doubt that she loves the limelight and for a time loves the man she is with.  She loves them and leaves them and writes her winning songs about them.  It has all played out in front of the public eye, as the rumor mills continue to turn.  Taylor Swift is carefree and lets it all roll off her back.  She knows the truth about her own life and relationships and has grown a tough exterior to ward off any false statements.  It all goes with the territory of being rich and famous.

As the Country Music Awards are aired November 6, Taylor will be receiving one of the highest honors.  Along with leading the list of nominations in various categories, Taylor Swift will be presented with the Pinnacle Award.  Her global success and prominence has made her an international sensation worth the recognition.  The young star is only getting started in her career, even though she has been preforming for over ten years.  The winner of six Grammy awards and numerous other achievements, there is much more to come from this Mean and Enchanted singer.

Taylor Swift is Red hot, from her head to her toes, and those piercing eyes know what is next to come.  She has made her name known through her hard work and she has had fun along the way.  Her future is yet to be determined in the world of romance, as she loves them and leaves them, forgets them and fabricates songs about them.  Taylor Swift is a true lover of life, music and the spirit of happiness.


By Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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