Texas Hospital Experiences Fatal Stabbing Attack

Texas Hospital Experiences Fatal Stabbing Attack

A stabbing attack, which occurred at an East Texas hospital, has left one nurse dead, another one injured and three visitors hurt. Texas authorities have caught a suspect and have the person in custody.

The event unfolded on Tuesday morning at about 7 a.m. at one of the surgical units at Good Shepherd Medical hospital in Longview, Texas. The hospital CEO, Steve Altmiller, said that the attacks were an isolated incident and that the hospital was reportedly put on lockdown after the incident occurred.

Altmiller stated that the hospital had tragically lost a member. He added that the event was taken care of by the Longview Police Department and also the Good Shepherd Medical hospital emergency reaction team.

All the victims were quickly taken to the hospital emergency center for assessments and to be given the proper treatment.

The Longview, Texas police had a detained a male suspect on suspicion of the stabbings on Tuesday. He was not hurt in the incident. The alleged stabbing suspect has been identified as Kyron Rashaun Templeton, age 22, also of Longview, He was charged on Tuesday afternoon with one count of murder and four counts of aggravated assault against him. His bond was placed at 2.6 million dollars.

Witnesses to the attacks say they allegedly saw Templeton running around, carrying a hunting knife and screaming about hospital staff not killing his mother. He then looked straight at the witnesses themselves, and moved on. Hospital employees began to move patients in rooms that had door which could be locked.

Even though this happened, the hospital emergency room was still taking in patients but all outpatient surgeries were canceled.

Longview Police Officer Kristie Brian stated that the stabbings happened at the surgical center across the street from the main hospital building. Police investigators roped off the second floor of the ambulatory surgical center, which is where the attack occurred.

A hospital spokesperson stated that the nurse had died; one of the visitors is listed in critical condition, while the other worker and the two other visitors are considered to be in good condition. The only two people who have been identified so far are the male suspect and the deceased female hospital employee.

The nurse was Gail Sandidge and she lived in Longview. According to her Facebook profile, she had graduated from high school in 1972 from Henderson High School. It also stated that she liked to sew, read and enjoyed spending time with her family.

Her family has stated they are handling Sandidge’s death as well as can be expected given the situation. They also explained they feel it is much too soon to make any public comment due to what happened to Sandidge and the matter at hand.

She is said to have passed away at around 9 a.m., according to a Justice of the Peace.

The town of Longview is about 120 miles to the east of Dallas. It is located in the eastern part of Texas, near the state border with Louisiana. The Good Shepherd Medical hospital is an acute care center and has around 425 beds. It is the town’s biggest employer and has been there nearly 75 years.

Authorities were planning on giving a news conference Tuesday afternoon to reveal more details of the fatal stabbing at the Texas hospital.

By Kimberly Ruble

ABC News

FOX News

The Chicago Tribune

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