The Container Store, George Carlin and Stuff [Video]

container storeThe Container Store will help you store your belongings and stuff.  Large or small, extra accumulation of unsorted, unneeded and unworthy items can finally find a home with the many options the store offers.  The organizational expertise in the growing company, has helped millions as they market stuff to store your stuff in.  The company of 35 years has acquired status and shares in the NYSE.  Finders may be keepers with the company that shares your stuff in order to gain a profit.  The once small business has grown by leaps and bounds over the years expanding from their hometown of Dallas out into the nooks and crannies of suburbs and metropolitan areas.


If only George Carlin were still around to be their spokesperson, business would be wild.  His rendition of stuff was priceless and holds true to modern day.  We all seem to need extra baggage to transport smaller baggage, to another place.  It goes on and on.  The boxes, bins and buckets can all have a new life of hope and expectation.  Everyone seems to pile up items of memory and sentimental value, things that may have a use one day and just interesting stuff that could be profitable and worth holding onto.  The list becomes easily unending with old ornaments and trinkets of years gone by.

Memories were designed to be stored in the hearts and souls as years accumulate in number.  The mind and body can become overwhelmed with new gadgets, tools and trivia.  We search for more landing places to keep it all at hand.  The wardrobe expands with each new family member, job and vacation, quickly requiring more optional space at home or for rent.

Keeping the stuff and stash at home only works with more closet space and containers. Everything from bowls to barrels are offered by big businesses of organization like The Container Store.  Much of life has been contained as well in cubicles and cubby holes of organized chaos, while planning the next step of a mega business or super stardom.

Choices and voices along the way have been streamlined into piles of paperwork and pleadings.  The crates of constructive criticism have been shipped off to storage warehouses until further investigation.  The Container Store and stores like them may be helping to play a part in backlogging the mess of America.  A wealth of information, unopened memories and artifacts have simply been stored in some fashion over the years.

Storing, carrying and transporting the stuff that our lives are made of, can easily and quickly become paramount in saving and containing the goods.  The plastic wrapped goods and contents of personal lives have been reduced to bins and shelves of closets and storerooms.  Purses and pouches seem to echo bits and pieces of everyday life, but the hidden drawers often remain locked to more discovery.

Everyone has stuff. Everyone’s stuff is personal and necessary.  When we are dead and gone we can not take our stuff with us.   Others will have to store our belongings until the time when they are able to complete the task of sorting out our mishmash.  In the meantime, we can leave our things neatly organized in containers while our brains house the stuff that really matters.  The real items of value will live on through our legacy of good memories and worthwhile actions.



By Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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