The Future Generation

The Future Generation

I get the general feeling that most kids from my generation have the potential to be not only better education, but more intelligent because of the access to information available to them in this day and age; it’s just up to them to figure out what information is needed to get them along the pathway that will leads to fulfilling their dreams, and I feel a lot of kids are misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD based on mild behavior shown from disinterest in the current educational institution’s structure. Kids don’t need Adderall or Ritalin they need attention from their parents while at home and teachers that actually care about them at school and can keep their attention. Most teachers can’t keep a class’ attention for a one whole period, let alone a whole year. So many kids are attention deficit because they are so uninterested in the tedious and at times useless curriculum.

As well as the nonsense spewing from their teacher’s mouth who has more pressing issues in their own life than an individual relationship with each of their students, especially new teachers and teacher aids, they can barely pay the bills and keep food on the table. This is why I think we need elementary school teachers to stick with a group of students for three years at a time. Teachers spend more time with your kids than you do, and kids have so much potential to do anything they want in the world we inhabit in this day and age, have you ever considered how much time a parent really gets to actually help develop their child’s mindset, most of the people influencing your child are outside sources you either barely know, or do not know at all.

At this point in human history getting an education should be free, we’re really just being charged to learn information we can just find and self educate with online. With the internet you have an unlimited access to information. 20 years ago and earlier professors had a wealth of knowledge after years of study that was unattainable to access from anywhere but college or university classes taught by those Professors. Although now most of them are old men reciting old, and often flawed or even debunked information from findings based on modern science. Albert Einstein once said “Never memorize anything you can look up in a book”. On the internet people question the legitimacy of anything presented to them on websites (as long as there’s an area to discuss it like a comments section), and the big questions get asked about major topics of discussions in depth and a more broad view of history or present day news is discussed with varying opinions and ideas. Using your own judgment, you take from that what you want.

Information is available so freely and cheaply, and internet access isn’t necessarily that expensive, yet the government invests so little in education, they’d rather profit off you paying for all educational expenses yourself or sending your 18 year old son or daughter to potentially sacrifice their life over in foreign countries getting whatever it is they’re looking for, whether it’s oil, or minerals like lithium, or the opiates the CIA is hustling. Here’s the part that gets me, and it’s disturbing how many view this in such an optimistic way; they dangle a free education in front of you since they put everyone else in massive debt to get one these days from how expensive your educational costs are. Do people not realize they make money on the taxes from the tuition you got that student loan and mountain of debt for.

It’s disgusting, they send kids to go die in dishonest wars when they have the potential for such a huge future ahead of them, children are like little balls of clay, they can be molded and formed into absolutely anything as long as they are helped and guided along the way, until they can take the reins themselves. I like to compare graduating high school to a sports draft, once you hit your draft year, you either take all the information and skills you’ve learned over your life, and apply them in the real world (or the pro sport you’ve been drafted for) and depending the skills you’ve accumulated you are going to you lead an manageable and more importantly enjoyable life, or a rather complicated and stressful one. Similarly to whether you succeed as a professional athlete, or fail to capture your dream. Thing is, as someone who just recently graduated and has a good idea of what our educational institutions consist of, and what the mind state of most high schoolers is like; most people accumulate all the wrong information and skills.

By Brandon Webb

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