The Onion Is Stopping Print Editions

The Onion is Stopping Print Editions


The Onion, the world’s satirical source for news,  is stopping print editions. It announced it had decided to stop print publishing  and only be in digital form come December.  All printing will stop in Chicago, Providence and Milwaukee. So like the many newspapers that it has so many times made fun of, The Onion is now joining them by doing the viral route.

They are not joking when they say that they believe print interest has been drying up for a long amount of time now and they feel it is the right time to make the change to a digital media setting.

The final print issue will be sent out on Dec. 12, and that will signal the end of the age of the fake news association that started out in 1988 as a newspaper in Madison, WI.

The company enjoyed having its 25th anniversary just this year. The Onion President Mike McAvoy even gave an interview to mark the occasion and stated that print was no longer profitable for the business. But he stated that the company was thriving in every other department.

He added that it was sad to see the print edition no longer be in existence, but that it was more important to make sure The Onion continued to succeed.

The decision to get rid of the print version of The Onion actually happened more than two years ago, according to the fake news organization’s public associations manager Derek Cuculich.

He said that The Onion team understands why the move has to happen and although years ago there might have been some opposition,  now everyone is for the move.

The company has been halting the presence of the newspaper in print over the past few years as it began to shift slowly to the Internet. There it has begun to grow and continues to do so. The Onion’s exclusive page views from back in the month of September were up over 5 percent from what was measured a year before to around 4 million viewers. It has been focusing on the digital content of the news industry because it had outsourced its print production to many other franchise partners that were located all around the country.

The business had also began to peddle the creative services it use to do out to corporate clients like various shoe retailers, which had appointed a series of men’s fashion news items to be published in The Onion.

Onion Inc., which is the official corporation and home base of The Onion, located in Chicago, IL, would not release any sort of revenue figures, but a spokesperson explained that the company has seen profits on the rise for the previous four years.

In case anyone thought that The Onion pulling yet another farce, just needed to read their Facebook page today. On it, they had put a link that took readers to a July story that was titled Print Dead at 1,803.

Even without the print editions, the satirical paper will still continue creating content for its website and will offer services for advertisers if they are interested.

Anyone who still believes this is a joke even now, well it is not.  Everyone better get use to the idea that The Onion is stopping their print editions in December and there will be no more peelings to throw away.


By Kimberly Ruble

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