The Simpsons Facts You Need to Know

The SimpsonsWith FXX getting the exclusive rights to show The Simpsons on cable, it is time to look at some of the funniest and unforgettable facts that you need to know. Apart from the show lasting over two decades, it has been through numerous changes and advancements as the industry has improved and expanded.

Yellow Bodies for Instant Branding

Yellow bodies were always associated with Lego but from day one on TV they were known as characters from the cartoon show. The whole point was for branding and to become an instantly recognisable show. There was no need to check the listings because the yellow bodies would tell you the show’s name.

The same applies to the lack of five digits on the hand. If you look closely, the only person you will see who has five digits is God.

The Price of Maggie

If you look closely now, you’ll struggle to see the amount but when Maggie Simpson is scanned by the register, it used to show $847.63. This was the estimated cost of a baby just for a month back in 1989. It changed during the 20th season in 2009, where the total simply doubles from $243.26 to $486.52. More recent episodes have started to blur out the figure, especially overseas.

Matching the Cultures Overseas

One of the facts that you need to know about The Simpsons is the way it changes for the cultures around the world. If you were to watch an episode in Egypt, Homer Simpson would eat beef sausages instead of hot dogs, since pork cannot be eaten in the Islamic faith. Likewise, in any Arabic country, Homer drinks soda and not beer; again to meet the culture.

The Length of Time for an Episode

Ever wonder how long the creators of the show work? Just one episode takes between six and eight months of work. This includes the recording of the voices, the animation and coloring and then adding it all together and cutting parts out. It’s a long stretch considering most TV shows have a full season filmed within nine months.

Homer’s Word D’oh

D’oh is now officially in the Oxford English Dictionary and was added in 2001. The spelling is Matt Groening’s version, doh, and is defined to be a word to express frustration once realizing that things are turning out badly or not to plan. In France, the phrase is T’oh and in Spain it is simply “ouch”

The original use of the phrase came from Dan Casellaneta, who does the voice for Homer. He used Laurel and Hardy as inspiration when the script simply said “annoyed grunt”.

The First Ever Episode was Christmas

The first ever episode of The Simpsons was actually meant to be the eighth. It was the Christmas special and timed because the producers hoped to air sooner than it did. However, the first episode didn’t air until December 17, 1989 so changes had to be made.

That’s the list of six facts that you need to know about The Simpsons. It has been through many changes over the 20 plus years that it has been on the screen and has many Easter Eggs to look out for. From August 2014, you will be able to catch all 24 current seasons on FXX, along with a few extra episodes that weren’t shown during Fox’s first run.

By Alexandria Ingham

Hollywood Reporter

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