The Voice Live Eliminations November 19 (Review)

The Voice Jacquie Lee, Christina Aguilera, and Matthew Schuler

The Voice Live Eliminations episode tonight will be an hour long and will see the elimination of two of the Top Ten competitors left. The two remaining competitors who have received the fewest votes from you, America, will be sent home tonight. Who will make it to next week’s episode of The Voice, and who will be sent home?

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, begins the episode by introducing the mentors/coaches. Again, there will be the chance for you, America, to save one of the bottom three competitors at the end of the episode with an Instant Save, based on your numbers of tweets. No videos from tonight were posted at YouTube by the time I completed this review, so unfortunately, there are no videos included here of the night’s performances.

The Voice began with a rock number (I’m not sure what it was called), featuring Christina Aguilera and Jacquie Lee. Then, Matthew Schuler joined in the song, and added his considerable talents to it, also.

The song switched gears and went directly into a version of I’m Bad by Michael Jackson. It was pretty awesome — Matthew Schuler did great, and sounded a lot like Michael Jackson, hitting all of the high notes spot-on.

Carson confirmed by holding up a copy of People magazine that Adam Levine has made the cover, and is People‘s “Sexiest Man Alive” this year!

The coaches had a touchy-feely Group Hug, involving first Blake and then Cee Lo, to amke sure that no feelings were hurt because neither Blake nor Cee Lo was named “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Next, was one of those Confessional segments. The contestants and coaches told about their Most Embarrassing Moments and Biggest Fears. Even the mentors, like Cher, were included.

Carson: “America saved — from Team Adam — James Wolpert!” Then, he continued, saying: “America also saved — from Team Christina — Matthew Schuler moves on! Congratulations to both James and Matthew, saved by America’s votes!”

Daly continued, saying that when The Voice comes back after commercials, he will announce two other competitors who America saved with their votes.

After the commercials, Will Champlin, Kat Robichaud, and James Wolpert sang Sugar, We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy. They each played electric guitars as they sang. It was an incredible, great performance! I really thought they did an excellent job with this song. Will and James, IMHO, carried the song, though Kat was also great.

Carson: “I have the names of the next two artists who will move on to next week’s Lie Show. America saved – from Team Blake — Ray Boudreaux. America also saved — from Team Adam — Will Champlin! For the remaining artists, that means you are still all at risk of going home.” More commercials ensued…

Back from break, Blake joins his entire team for the song Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top. Blake started off the song. He did pretty decent, and Austin Jenckes, Ray Boudreaux, and Cole Vosbury all rocked the song out, as well.

Despite my not really wanting to see Team Blake win for a fourth time in a row, everybody on the team are great singers, and I hope they all get recording contracts in the near future. They nailed the song, all playing guitars as they sang it. Then, the audience erupted in applause as they finished singing.

Carson: “It is time to get back to business. Let’s get to it. America saved — Tessanne Chin from Team Adam!” Woo-Hoo! Every team member from Team Adam is saved! “America also save — Jacquie Lee from Team Christina!”

“Yes, girl, yes, girl!” Christina said. Both of Christina’s remaining team members are safe!

Only Team Cee Lo and Team Blake have members who are still in danger of being eliminated. I doubt that both members left on Team Cee Lo will be eliminated, though one could very well be — so, possibly Team Blake will also be sending a team member home tonight.

Carson gave some interesting facts about The Voice as the show came back from commercial break, and said “Tomorrow’s Matthew Schuler’s 21st birthday!”

When Carson announces the fianl three competitors a thte bottom, America will had five minutes to tweet and save someone.

Tessanne and Caroline Pennell sang an incredible duet of Royals by Lorde. They were so totally awesome, both singing so well together! I wouldn’t have expected that these two singers could sing so well together, but it was a mesmerizing, cool, no — uber cool — performance!

Carson: “First, I will announce one more artist saved by America’s votes. America saved — Cole Vosbury! Saved by America, he will be in the Top Eight next week!”

If America saves Austin Jenckes, who is a great singer — all of the remaining members of Team Cee Lo will be eliminated! I would like to see Caroline Pennell saved, but who knows how America will vote? Carson will announce the results after the next commercial break.

Carson: “The artist that you save will move on to the Top Eight.” He asked Adam who he guessed would be saved; Adam said Caroline. Then, Carson asked Christina, and she said they all won. She didn’t want to say anything beyond that.

“One of you was Instantly Saved,” Carson said. “America Instantly Saved — Caroline Pennell! Congratulations!” Again, Woo-Hoo!

Caroline Pennell was easily a favorite to win it all last week. I’m guessing that, though she sang Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver well yesterday, the song choice might have hurt her.

But, again just guessing, I think the way she knocked Royals out of the park singing it with Tessanne Chin, likely helped to save her tonight on The Voice. What are your opinions/thoughts about this episode? Please leave you comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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