The Voice Live Eliminations November 7 (Review & Video)

The Voice The Live Eliminations

America has voted, and in tonight’s episode of The Voice, Live Eliminations, we will get to see who will continue on to the next round and who has been eliminated and will get sent home because they did not receive enough votes to stay. There are sure to be some bitter-sweet, heart-tugging moments in this episode, as well as moments of intense happiness when some of these talented singers find out that they have earned enough votes to continue their quest to earn a recording contract by being the ultimate winner on The Voice.

Carson introduces the judges, and explains how the voting works. He said that “Every single one of our artists charted on iTunes, which is just incredible.”

Team Blake performed first tonight on The Voice.  Nic Hawk stared off the song, Free Ride, then he was joined by Austin Jenckes, Ray Boudreaux, Cole Vosbury, and Shelbie Z. They did an awesome job, and Nic added a cool dance to the number. It was a great way to open the show!

What are the results for Team Blake? Who has America,  by their votes, decided to eliminate from Blake’s team? They’re all so good….The above video of Free Ride, as performed by Team Blake, was the only one I could find of the three teams so far — possibly the other videos will be posted later tonight on iTunes and/or YouTube.

Carson read the first two people who America saved on Team Blake. Austin Jenckes was the first name he read, then — after a dramatic pause — Carson said America also save Cole Vosbury!”

Carson said that Blake could only pick one of the remaining artists to continue on to next week. What a hard choice — he picked Ray Boudreaux! I really thought he’d pick either Shelbie Z. or Nic Hawk, so this was a surprise to me, though Ray is a great singer.

Team Cee Lo was the next team up, singing Give a Little Bit by Super Tramp. I love the song, but I didn’t exactly like this version all that much, as I’m so used to the awesome original version.  I’m not saying that they sucked; but, compared to the original, I just didn’t get into it that much.

It looked like the audience enjoyed their singing, though — many were waving their hands up in the air. Jonny Gray was really great on the guitar, playing the song note-for-note.

I’m not going to hazard a guess who America has decided to keep, not after seeing the results with Team Blake. I am really hoping that they have decided to keep Caroline Pennell, though (there I go hazarding a guess after I just said I wouldn’t), or that Cee Lo will keep her, if America didn’t. I’d like to see Jonny Gray continue, also.

Carson said that “America saved — Caroline Pennell!” Alright! I really agree with that decision, anyway.

“America also saved — Jonny Gray!” Carson said. Woo-hoo! I’m two-for-two, at least with my choice for Team Cee Lo. The artist who Cee Lo decided to keep was Kat Robichaud — this was another surprise for me. Kat’s good, but I thought that Cee Lo would have chosen someone else — oh, well….

Team Christina was up next, singing a Maroon 5 song, Love Somebody. Again, I am so used to the original, that I didn’t like this version near as much, though that’s not to say that it blew.  Adam smiled, though, as if he liked their version; maybe he did like it, who knows?

I’m going to say one person I think I’d like to see continue is Matthew Schuler, and another is Jacquie Lee.

Carson: “America saved — Jacquie Lee!”

Carson: “America also saved –Matthew Schuler!”

Now, Christina has to choose which of the remaining artists to keep. First, she tells Jacquie and Matthew congratulations for being chosen by America. Then, after telling the rest of her team how much she likes each of them, Christina said that Josh Logan will continue on!

Adam Levine will have to face the same tough choices that the other judges have faced   — but, right after the next commercial break.

Right after the commercial break, Zack Shepherd of Parenthood chatted with Carson a little bit, plugging the show, I guess.

Then, Team Adam took the stage, singing the song Safe and Sound. I guess that’s the name of it. I think that they did the best version so far tonight of the original. The audience was clapping along with them from the beginning to the end of the tune.

Who will America’s votes save and send to the next round? I’m betting that Tessann Chin will be one of them, but the other one…maybe Preston Pohl or Will Champlin. We’ll have to wait until after the next commercial break to  learn the fates of the members of Team Adam.

Carson: “It’s time to reveal who received the most votes and was saved by America — America saved James Wolpert!”

Then, after another dramatic pause, Carson said: “America also saved — Tessann Chin!”

Carson asked Adam who he was going to pick to move on. Adam talked with his team, like the other judges did, telling them he was proud of all of them, and that none of them did anything wrong. Adam decided to chose Will Champlin!

With that decision, The Voice concluded the last episode of this week. The mentors/coaches had very difficult decisions to make tonight, and for better of worse, their teams have been pared down to three each. Are they the competitors who you thought would move on, or were your favorites sent home tonight? Please leave your comments below, and tune in with me to watch next week’s episodes of The Voice!


Written by: Douglas Cobb