The Voice Live Top Ten Performances November 18 (Review & Videos))

The Voice Ray Bourdreaux
Tonight on The Voice, it’s going to be Performance Recap episode, followed by a two-hour episode, called Live Top Ten Performances. In the first hour of recap from last week, we’ll see highlights of the last episode of The Voice, and hear what the coaches have to say about their teams and their teams’ chances of winning. It will be an hour-long episode. It will be followed by a two-hour episode, Live Top Ten Performances.

If you have already watched last week’s performances, you might want to skip down in this recap/review to read about the two-hour episode of new performances by the remaining competitors.

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the episode by introducing Caroline Pennell and we got to see her performance of Wake Me Up once again.  She did a great job. Cee Lo said: “You did wonderful.”

The audience gave her a standing ovation.

Then, James Wolpert was up, and he sang  Mr. Brightside. He rocked it out, and did an excellent job.

Adam: “Every  single second of that was like a rocking, blistering performance.”

Austin Jenckes then performed It’s a Great Day to Be Alive. Though the description of this episode says it’s from November 18, 2013, these performances are from last week. I believe.

Blake: “You are so solid every time you get on the sage, every single time. I want people in the country fan base to know that this guy can do just about anything. You’re the one guy that everybody just wants to sit down and have a beer with you.”

Jacquie Lee sang next. The two-hour show that follows will be new — it’s still good to hear these performances again, though. She sings Love is Blindness. We got a brief scene backstage, and then Carson said “This is you, Ray Boudreaux,” introducing Ray singing All of Me last week.

Blake: “I just got all wrapped up in that, man.” Then, Blake added:  “You stepped out of your comfort zone. I think that’s what we should do from here on out.”

Kat Robichaud sang Sail after the next commercial break. She gave an all-out rock performance, and even briefly crowd surfed, whether she fell  off of the stage accidentally or she had planned it all along.

Cee Lo: “It ain’t all about being pretty and prissy. A lot of the time, music is about pain. It’s a song that speaks about the pain.”

Blake: “I loved watching it. It’s almost like you’re a lion walking among antelopes.”

Adam: It’s a first — I don’t think we’ve ever had crowd surfing on the show.”

The next performer was Tessanne Chin. Again, these performances are from last week, though the live two-hour episode will follow. She sang My Kind of Love. It was yet another super performance from her; hse showcased her powerful voice.

Adam: “Regardless of what anyone thinks, this is what I feel. Every time this woman comes out and sings, my mind is blown. I’m just enjoying hearing you sing and watching you grow.  I love you; I love all of you.”

Matthew Schuler from Team Christina sang Hallelujah, and gave an absolutely incredible performance. He really bought himself a ticket to the final episode of The Voice with his extremely solid performance. Carson gave Matthew a big hug and pat on the back.

Carson: “You asked for a fearless performance tonight. Did you get it?”

Christina: “Wow! That was something so special. You are so blessed. I am very happy you chose me as your coach. Thank you very much.”

Blake: “Last week, I would have told you that Jacquie was the front-runner on your time. But, gosh, Matthew was so good tonight.”

Okay — there will be only two more performances in this Performance Recap episode of The Voice, and then we will get to see the Top Ten competitors perform live.

Cole Vosbury sang Adorn by Miguel. Cole dedicated the song to his sister, who died in a car wreck when she was 17. Blake related in that episode that his brother died in a car wreck, also. Cole did a fantastic job of singing this song by Miguel.

Blake: “You blow me away, man.”

Will Champlin, the last performer of the Performance Recap, sang Demons. The Song’s by Imagine Dragons. He did fantastic, as well — he gave an awesome performance.

Adam: “You can feel the passion in that song. That’s what I want on my team — passion.”

Now, the Live Top Ten Performance episode of The Voice officially began! Carson introduced the mentors/coaches, and said only eight will move on of the Top Ten. America will vote at the conclusion of the night’s episode, then the two competitors who receive the fewest votes will be eliminated tomorrow night.

The episode began with the remaining competitors all on stage, singing. I’m not sure what the song was called, but they gave a really great performance! They got the crowd pumped up and ready to hear more from these talented performers. The audience clapped along as they all sang.

Austin Jenckes sang first. Blake said he gave Austin Your Love to sing. He added “It’s time for America to hear his pipes.”

Austin: “If I don’t nail this, I could go home right now.”

Austin did a really great job singing Your Love. He had the audience clapping along right from the beginning of the song.  When he hit a really high note in the song the audience cheered. This might be Austin’s best performance so far on The Voice. He said he had to nail it, and he did!

Blake: “Something we talked about since Day One was mastering the Slow Build, and that’s exactly what you did on that song. It’s like this guy was just going nuts on this song.”

Christina: “Super-great job — you rocked it, right at the very end.”

Adam: “I loved that song. The crazy thing about you is that your range is so amazing.”

Cee Lo: “I really didn’t realize you have so much range. It was so effortless.”

America, if you want to keep Austin or any of the other performers on you need to vote for your favorites right after the episode ends!

Carson is joined by Usain Bolt, the “Fastest Man Alive,” on The Voice. Jacquie Lee will be the second performer. We see her doing yoga with Christina. She will sing Clarity by Zed.

“If I don’t connect with this song, I could be in trouble,” Jacquie Lee says. She wants to sing a stripped-down version, reflecting a lot of emotion.

She does an awesome version of it, beginning the sing sitting on top of a piano someone is playing, and Jacquie once again proves she has a wide vocal range. It was a very impressive performance. The audience cheered at a couple of points during the song, then erupted in applause at the end of it.

Christina: “It was so lovely. I loved seeing you in that vulnerable, beautiful setting. Wow, that came together so beautifully.”

Cee Lo: “You’re one of the best we have. I will say there were a couple of moments earlier in the song that were a little unnerving. It was still awesome as usual; I love you.”

Blake: “It was so different hearing a broken-down version of this song. I want to see Jacquie hearing Aretha Franklin or something –it’s so fun to hear her sing songs like that.”

Next up for Team Adam is Will Champlin. The song Adam chose for him to sing is Love Me Again. The audience, as with the other competitors thus far tonight on The Voice, clapped along as Will sang, from the very start of the song. His voice really soared on this song, and he sounded like he put his heart and soul into singing it. He really wailed on it especially towards the end of the song. The audience cheered loudly.

Adam: “That’s such a great song, first of all. You’ve been passed around a lot. But, if this guy isn’t a testament to why you should hang in there and keep trying…this song is so in your wheel-house. Love this song, I love you, and everyone should vote for this guy.”

Christina: “I love you, Will. You’re a good person. I feel like you came into your own with this performance. You’re one of his last men standing, and it’s really cool.”

Blake: “You’re such an accurate vocalist, and that’s what really blows me away. I can’t believe you’re on Adam’s team, because I really hate him.”

Caroline Pennell will be the first person to sing from Team Cee Lo. She will sing Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver.

“If I don’t feel it, nobody else will. and I want to be in America’s Top Eight. I need to seal it to be in America’ Top Eight,” Caroline says.

I really loved her version of this iconic John Denver song. Caroline truly made it her own, and the crowd waved their arms up in the air as she sang. The audience really loved it.

Cee Lo: “Nice! Nothing makes me happier than to see you live out your dream. I’m pleased with letting go and having you be Caroline. It did seem at some points that the song was overpowering you. But, I think that this is as great as any other time.”

Adam: “This was really great, for me. You showed everybody your choice, at your time.”

Cole Vosbury will be singing To Be With You. Cole said that his sister, Tiffany, had it in her car. She was his sister who died in a car crash when she was 17.

Cole played on the piano during rehearsals, and Blake played his guitar; then, Cole picked up his guitar and sang it.

During the Live Performance, he also accompanied himself on his guitar. He was pretty awesome, and the chorus really helped, also. Blake looked happy with the performance, nodding his head to the song, and the audience clapped along a she sang.He has a gravelly, but cool, sound to his voice. The audience applauded enthusiastically.

Blake: “He just makes me so happy! You sang the daylights out of that song. I loved how it was so acoustic, and it was about you. Gosh dang it man, you nailed it to the wall!”

Adam: “I love that song, man. I’m such a big fan of yours. It broke my heart when you went to his team.”

Cee Lo: “I’m really happy for you that you’ve come this far.”

Then, The Voice went to another commercial break. Carson said “Straight ahead, Tessanne Chin takes on the Empress of Soul!”

Carson next read a tweet from someone who asked if the losers got recording contracts. Carson gave a couple of examples of some past contestants who did get recording contracts, so he said, “Yes, they do.” Of course, not all of them do, though.

Tessanne Chin is up next. We see Adam, Tessanne, and her husband together, talking, and her husband tells Adam how great Tessanne is as a person.

Tessanne will sing the Gladys Knight and the Pips song, If I Were Your Woman. Crap, she is great! She knocked it out of the park, as usual, with her performance, and her powerful voice was as incredible as it ever has been. I think she might have got the loudest applause of the night, so far, and she got a standing ovation.

Adam: “I don’t believe anyone’s ever done that song on this show before. What a song, and what a lyric! This moment was solidifying you on this show as a major, major contender.”

Christina: “I heard your Jamaican accent come out, and I loved it so much! I would love to hear more songs like this where I can hear different elements of your voice come out.”

From Team Blake, Ray Boudreaux is up next. Ray will be singing You Are the Best Thing.

“I want to show America I have what it takes to make it to the end. I don’t want it to stop here,” Ray says.

Ray has that sweet, bluesy, swampy feel to his vocals, and he played along on his guitar as he sang. He did a fantastic version of the song You Are the Best Thing.Blake really dug it, and clapped at a couple of times during the song.

Blake: “I can’t hear you ’cause the crowd likes it so much. Dude, I’m not going to lie to you; you were great. My favorite part is the way you sang the chorus, and bent the notes right over the chord. You nailed it.”

Christina: “I have to say, out of everyone here, I have to say you’ve shown the most growth. I think you found an identity that fits you. I really enjoyed it; great job.”

Cee Lo: “It’s not supposed to be perfect; it’s supposed to be real. I really liked it, man.”

Adam: ” You have been one of the most solid vocalists in the competition. You’re a great singer, dude.”

Team Adam’s James Wolpert is up next. As Adam says: “This kid can do absolutely anything.”

Adam meets with James and his parents. He tells the camera he gave James the song Without You. He sounded great in the rehearsals!

And, James also killed during his live performance of this iconic song! He has some powerful pipes, and really gave an amazing performance, hitting the high notes, and putting a lot of emotion into the song. The audience applauded loudly when he finished singing.

Adam: “That song — that is one of the hardest songs. What a desperate, incredible song! Every single time, you manage to take a song, and put it through the James Wolpert blender. You blow my mind every time you sing.”

Christina: “Your voice is so clean, your delivery is so clean — you are a multidimensional vocalist, and I love that about you. You extend the long notes, almost effortlessly.”

Blake: “Vote for James! Vote for James!”

Carson: “Coming up, a Cee Lo inspired performance by Kat Robichaud!” She will be singing We Belong by Pat Benatar.

America saved her last week by tweeting for her. Cee Lo said like a cat, she “has nine lives.”

“I don’t want you to be in the bottom three ever again,” Cee Lo tells her during the rehearsals.

Kat takes the stage, and sings this power ballad. She does a great job — the chorus is pretty fantastic. Cee Lo looks entranced by her performance.

Cee Lo: “Listen, listen, listen! Kat, I’m so proud of you! It’s exhilarating for me to see all you’ve become! I think we did everything right.”

Adam: “This was incredible! This was finally, in a way, the Kat we were waiting to see. This is literally what we’ve all been wanting to see this entire time.”

At the time I posted this recap/review, I didn’t see Kat’s version of We Belong posted yet at YouTube, so it’s unfortunately not included here.

Matthew Schuler will be the final performer of the episode. He will be singing Beneath Your Beautiful.

Carson explains how the voting will work after the break, and then Matthew Schuler does yoga with Christina. “At this point in the competition, he just has to be able to soar and deliver every week,” Christina says.

Matthew does just that, delivering yet another fantastic performance. The audience claps along as he sings — he goes right down the center aisle, among the waving arms, and the audience cheers as he hits a high note. What a great performance!

Christina: “Wow! Yes! We love him! Every single time you finish a performance, this room just lights up! They don’t care what I have to say, because they’re so excited! You blow me away; I’m so connected with you! You dedicated it to your future wife, which is so amazing!”

Adam: “This was no less than amazing, which you always are, dude! Amazing!”

That concludes tonight’s dual episodes of The Voice! Voting starts NOW, so get ready, America, and vote for who you think deserves to continue on this season on The Voice! What did you think of these episodes, and what performances do you believe really stood out? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb