The Voice Top 12 Results November 12 (Review & Videos)

The Voice Top 12 Results

The Voice tonight is just an hour long, but there will be a lot of great music packed into it, and we will get to learn the results of America’s voting, and also which two of the remaining Top 12 competitors received the fewest votes from America. The two with the fewest votes will be eliminated from the rest of the competition — although, there is an added twist, an Instant Save, where one of the competitors who were in the Bottom Three group can be saved from being eliminated if he/she gets enough tweets. Who will stay and who will go, tonight on The Voice?

The host, Carson Daly, introduced the judges, as he always does, and he explained how America’s votes will determine both who goes tonight on The Voice, and who will be saved, by America’s tweets. The Top 12 artists stood on the stage with Carson. He said that Sarah Bareiles is with them tonight, and will perform later.

The judges briefly recapped how their teams did yesterday. All of the remaining 12 competitors are awesome, and deserve to be still in the running to win it all; but, sadly, not all of them will make it past tonight.

Carson: “We had a record number of downloads last night on iTunes.” He said that the artist who had the most would get extra points added to his/her total score.

Sarah Bareiles sang  Brave next. She has a beautiful voice, and knocked the song out of the park. The audience applauded her excellent performance. Then, the show went to its first commercial break on the evening.

Cee Lo has some funky dark sunglasses on, which prompted Carson to ask him if he’s watching a movie now, using them.

Christina: “It’s really fun now with America having a voice.”

Christina, then Adam, tried on Cee Lo’s sunglasses. They look like something straight out of Star Trek.

Then, the contestants had a mini-confessional, where they each confessed, in brief, something America doesn’t know about them. The coaches added their confessions, also. Adam showed off his new puppy, and Cee Lo showed America an entire menagerie of his own animals, including a white pet pig, a white cat,  and a white llama.

Carson then read the first two names of the remaining artists who America saved with their votes. “America saved — from Team Cee Lo — Caroline Pennell!” Not much of a surprise there, but I’m definitely glad that she was saved.

“America also saved — from Team Christina — Matthew Schuler!” Carson added. Mathew is a great singer, and really wowed America with his rendition of Hallelujah, as well as his past performances, so there was little doubt that he would be also saved tonight.

The Voice then went to a commercial break. The hour’s practically half over — who else will Carson announce next? The competitors must be feeling very nervous.

Right after break, Cee Lo performed the Go-Gos song Roam. Kat and Caorline joined him, and it actually sounded pretty darn good, IMHO. I have always been a fan of the Go-Gos. The audience seemed to love the song, also, cheering and clapping loudly.

Carson then read the next two names of the artists who America saved. “America saved — from Team Blake — Austin Jenckes!” Jenckes gave a tremendous performance of the Travis Tritt song  It’s a Great Day to Be Alive last night.

“America also saved — from Team Adam — Tessanne Chin!” Carson said. Tessanne is a stellar performer, as well, and she definitely deserves to continue on. She might be the one to win it all, though everyone who’s left are great singers.

Carson says that the Instant Save is new tonight. People have to use #VOICESAVE and mention the artist you want to save. This must be done during five minutes right at the end of the show, though Carson will have time to say the name of the person who America has saved, of course.

Next, the male contestants who are left performed American Band. They all rocked it out! The audience had their arms over their heads, clapping along to the song. They gave a pretty incredible performance. They sounded at least as good as the original, IMHO, if not better!

“Well, there you have it — the men of The Voice!” Carson said.

Then, Carson said he had the names of the next three people who America saved. “America saved — from team Christina — Jacquie Lee!” Something would have to be seriously wrong with America to not have saved her with their votes.

“America also saved — from Team Blake — Cole Vosburg!” Cole sang a fantastic version of Adorn, by Miguel, last night.

“America also saved — from Team Adam — Will Champlin!” I thought he’d be saved. He’s an excellent singer, also — good for him.

Next, Adam takes the stage with his entire team, singing A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles. Very, very, awesome! Adam played the drums, making like Ringo, while Will Champlin and James Wolpert played the guitars. It was pretty darn cool — I totally Beatled out over it.

Then, Carson brought out the five remaining artists. He read the names of the two of them who America saved.

Carson said: “Ray Boudreaux from Team Blake! America also saved — James Wolpert from Team Adam!”

That leaves Josh Logan, Kat Robichaud, and Jonny Gray. America has the next five minutes to save one of them with their votes. The Voice took a commercial break — I’m sure that people all across America are tweeting right now to save their favorite of the three up for elimination.

“We’re here with three artist who America needs to save. The artist with the most mentions will move on,” Carson says.

Blake said that he’s seeing Jonny’s name a lot on the tweets. Carson said that the voting is now officially closed.

“Two of you will leave us tonight. One of you will advance to the Top Ten. The artist in third place and therefore leaving us tonight is — Jonny,” Carson said.

“That leaves you, Josh and Kat,” Carson continued. “America instantly saved — Kat Robichaud!”

That concludes The Voice tonight. The last three left surprised me, and I thought that Jonny would have been saved by America before now. Kat’s performance last night, I’m guessing, is in large part what saved her tonight. She’s a very talented singer, and can rock a song out. She has what Cee Lo calls “Kat-i-tude.” Still, I liked both Josh and Jonny, also, and it’s sad to see them be leaving. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions about the outcome of America’s voting below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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