The Walking Dead Indifference November 3 (Review)

The Walking Dead Indifference

On The Walking Dead, tonight’s episode on the AMC is called Indifference. the opening of it showed Rick Grimes taping his sprained hand up. He had hurt it punching Tyreese in the last episode, Isolation. The survivors who had gone to search for medicine, Daryl, Bob, Michonne, hadn’t returned yet, so Rick and Carol are thinking about going out and trying to get the medicine.

Carol talk with one of the girls, Lizzy, and tells her “If it’s your life, or your sister’s life, you have to be ready to kill.” Lizzy wonders if Daryl is dead, but Carol tells her no, just that the medicine is far away. Lizzy calls Carol “mom,” and says it was an accident, but Carol tells her “Don’t call me ‘Mom'”

Lizzie tells her that she isn’t afraid to kill, but that she’s afraid of life in the post-apocalyptic zombie world, in general. Carol tells her fight, and fight, and don’t give up, and one day she will change — “we all change.”

Next, we see Carol and Rick driving. Carol tells him that Maggie wanted to come. Rick says that she needed to stay back and take care of things back at the prison. She also tells Rick that she had no choice but to burn the bodies of Karen and David, to try to stop the disease from spreading. She said that it was fast and painless, and that they would have drowned in their own blood if she hadn’t killed them.

We briefly see Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese; they are still very much alive.

Rick and Carol travel to where the abandoned car is that the others left behind.

Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese are exploring, and come across a car, but the battery seems to be dead. Daryl says “We have to find a new battery.”

Daryl finds a battery, and then, they try clearing a path through thick growth using their machettes Walkers, though, are on the other side, and start to attack the survivors. Michonne chops the head of one of them off. Michonne tells Tyreese “Why the hell didn’t you let go?”

Tyreese also asks Michonne if she’s angry with the Governor; but, she says she isn’t, though if he was there, she would cut him down. Tyreese asks her why she still looks for him — she tells him that she doesn’t even know.

Rick, in the meantime, is looking for medicine in a house, when a female walker comes down the stairs. Carol quickly dispatches her. There are other people in the house, who are humans. They offer Rick and Carol food, like fruit and Kit-Kats. Rick, unsure of their motives, keeps his gun pointed at them.

“You don’t have to like what I did, Rick,” Carol tells him still at the house; “just accept it.”

In The Walking Dead, Daryl and company discover a gas station and a walker inside of it.Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese are looking for drugs and other supplies there.

The hippie-ish guy at the house where Rick and Carol are at, Sam, has a dislocated shoulder. Carol sets it for him though it’s painful, obviously.

The girl and guy then say that they got split up from their group, and wonder about where Rick and Carol live. Rick begins asking him the three questions to see if they are okay to let into their community.

The Walking Dead Indifference

Rick tells them they passed the test, and he hands the guy a watch, and he gives each of them a gun. He tells them to fire a shot, and they will come after them.

Rick asks Carol where she learned to set a shoulder, “Hershel?” ¬†She answers: “The Internet.”

She tells Rick that she didn’t think she could be strong: “I didn’t know I could.”

Rick: “Some mornings I still wake up half expecting Laurie to be there.” He tells Carol that his wife “knew they were bad,” meaning the pancakes she cooked; but, she still cooke dhtem, like it was a ritual of their lives together.

Rick and Carol see, through a white wooden gate, zombies chowing down on a hapless victim — the girl that was at the house. Carol tells him “We should probably get back.”

Daryl and company have obtained everything on their list at the vet college, and then attempt to make their ways out. That’s when they run into a slight bit of trouble — hordes of milling, hungry zombies. It’s dark, and the survivors just have their flashlights to illuminate the building, and to dispatch the walkers by. They must try to fight their way out of the building before they get torn to bits and eaten. Tyreese slams a hammer into the head of one of them, dispatching it. They somehow manage to escape.

Carol: “It’s been too long.”

Rick: “We should give them a couple more.”

Carol: “He’s not here, and we have to go.”

Back at the vet college, Bob accidentally dangles his bag of medicine too low, and the zombies grab it. But, it actually has alcohol in it, along with medicine. Daryl gets mad at him.

“I didn’t want to hurt anybody.”

Daryl: “Take one sip, I’m going to beat your ass into the ground. Do you hear me?” The group walk off, leaving Bob to follow or do whatever.

“They might have lived. Karen, David — they might have lived. It wasn’t your decision to make. When he finds out, Tyreese is going to kill you,” he says to Carol. He adds: “I don’t want to have you there.” She tries to tell him that “no one has to know,” but Rick isn’t going along with that idea.

Carol:”I thought you were done making decisions for everybody.”

Rick: “I’m not — this is for me.”

He tells her she’s not that woman who’s too scared to be alone. He says that she’s good at surviving, and she will.

Michonne: “I don’t need to go out anymore,” she says to Daryl. She tells him that the trail of the Governor has grown cold.

Rick gives Carol a container of gas, and says “Take it.”

Carol gives Rick something that she says her husband gave her on their first anniversary. “I should have given it away a long time ago,” she tells him. She drives off in a car, to seemingly find another group and make a fresh start there. Will it be the last we see of Carol?

Next, we see Daryl, Bob, Tyreese, and Michonne headed back to the prison. Also, Rick is driving back, alone. After the episode, Lincoln, who plays Grimes, says that the deciding factor was he couldn’t trust having Carol around his children anymore.

That’s the conclusion of this episode, Indifference, of The Walking Dead. Carol had to go from being innocent to becoming a cold blooded killer. She thinks that she can’t care about anyone, or she’ll get hurt. Maybe Carol did think that she was doing the “right thing” by killing Karen and David; but, to Rick, she had done something that crossed the line. In a way, Rick was protecting her life, because if Tyreese had found out that Carol had killed Karen, he likely would have killed her.

Sometime in the next episode of The Walking Dead, Rick will have to break the news to the others. Some of them might think that Carol really did nothing wrong, including, possibly, Daryl. Will the medicine that they bring back work? Did Rick make the correct decision in banishing Carol? Please leave your Comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb