The Walking Dead Internment November 10 (Review)

Talking Dead Internment

The Walking Dead Internment episode opens up with scenes of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) driving back to the prison where the survivors are. He glances at the watch near to him that Carol gave to him, that was her husband’s . When he makes it back to the prison, how many people will be left alive, and how will they react when he tells them the news that Carol killed Karen and David, and he sent her away?

Next, we see Hershel talking with many of the very ill people at the prison, and he says that he thinks they should have more Spaghetti Nights. He adds something about that’s when they get more spaghetti, anyway.

More people are succumbing to the flu, or flu-like disease, and are then either becoming zombies, or are dying from it, and then turning into zombies.

Hershel then meets with Maggie, who asks him “Where’s Glenn?” Hershel is reluctant to tell her the truth about how sick that Glenn really is. He tells her that Rick,  and Carol might return at any moment. He says that they just have to hold on a little longer, and tells her that he loves her.

After commercials, we see Rick and  repairing the prison fence to keep the zombie hordes out. Hershel tells  Tyreese’s sister, who was helping him: “Welcome back.”

“I was passed out.”

“You were dehydrated. Being a hero takes a lot out of you,” Hershel tells her.

“I don’t believe in magic, or luck. I do the math. I don’t gamble. I just know I wouldn’t be here right now if you weren’t so damn stupid.”

Hershel: “You know what? I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

Hershel meets with Glenn, who tells him that he shouldn’t lie to Maggie. Hershel says he wasn’t lying to her.

Rick’s car then comes through the gates of the prison, and he’s immediately asked where Carol is — he says that Carol killed Karen and David, to stop the disease from spreading. He adds that he couldn’t bring her back, not after she admitted killing them.

Rick then yells out for Carl, and he finally answers and says that they’re okay. Rick says that he’s brought back supplies. Carl wants to rejoin the adults, and says he’s okay, that he was with Rick and other adults, and he’s not become sick so far.

Glenn is looking pretty rough, sweaty and feverish.

The Walking Dead Internment

Hershel wants to check out how another doctor is doing, one from Woodward, Dr. Caleb. But, the doctor doesn’t seem to be doing well at all. Hershel tells him to “get back in bed.” Caleb tells him he doesn’t understand; that he still has a chance.

Hershel insists upon looking at Caleb — finally, Caleb says: “Take a look.” He’s looking pretty grim, like he’s becoming a zombie right before Hershel’s eyes, practically.

Back from commercials, The Walking Dead next shows Hershel once again, advising the sick people he’s locked himself in with to “drink their tea” that he’s left them. He doesn’t have much else he can do to try to make them feel any better.

Hershel tries to be a good humanitarian in this episode of The Walking Dead, but it’s a losing battle. You can see that it tears him up inside when he has to plunge his knife into the heads of the ones who have turned into walkers.

Rick tells Hershel: “They see you going on, even after all of the choices have been taken away.”

Hershel: I still think that there’s a plan. I still believe that there’s a reason.”

Rick: “You think that this is all a test?”

Hershel: “Life is all a test.”

Rick:  “I need to talk to you about Carol.”

Next, we see Glenn desperately trying to pump his hands on his cellmate’s chest, to revive him But, the guy isn’t responding to his attempts.

Hershel is then attacked by one of the people, who has become a zombie.   Another man there tries to save him, and has a gun; but, another zombie chomps down on his arm.

Lizzie lures one of the zombies away, saying: “C’mon, boy; c’mon.”

The Walking Dead Internment

The zombie lunges forward, right on top of  Lizzie, who’s trying to lure the zombie away.  Hershel, fortunately, is nearby, and he gets the zombie off of the person who was trying to help.

Glenn, Hershel discovers, is lying on the floor of his cell, with blood trickling from his mouth. Hershel goes to Caleb’s cell –he has turned, and Hershel has to dispatch him.

Outside, the fence doesn’t look like it’s holding. The reinforced parts of it are giving away. Rick and his son, Carl, armed with shotguns, are ready to face any walkers who break in.

Rick tells Carl: “You shoot, or you run.”

Many zombies break into the prison yard. Rick and Carl mow down several, but there are so many of them. Rick clubs one in the head with his gun.

Meanwhile, zombies prowl the hallways inside the quarantine part of the prison. Glenn is barely holding onto his life. Hershel comes under attack by a zombie, and  Maggie shoots at it, killing it. She sees Glenn, and yells out: “He’s turning blue!” Hershel tells Glenn: “C’mon, son; you know how this works.” and tries to revive him.

He tells Maggie that he didn’t want her to see how bad Glenn was. Glenn manages to pull through, though.

Outside, there are zombies lying on the ground everywhere;  Rick and Carl have managed to dispatch a lot of the buggers.

It’s night, and Daryl and company have returned — will the supplies and medicine they’ve brought back be sufficient to end the sickness that has swept through the camp?

Hershel reads to himself from the Bible, but is even he beginning to lose his faith; or, is he just too tired and has he faced so much misery and death that he is having a moment of doubt?

In the morning, Michonne is gathering the zombies into a pile. Rick asks her if she needs any help, but she answers no. Tyreese to Hershel: “How’s Glenn doing?”

Hershel says he made it through the night. Daryl: “He’s a tough son of a bitch.”

Hershel: “He is.”

Daryl: “You’re a tough son of a bitch.”

Hershel: “I am.”

Rick and Carl are seen in the gardens of the farm, eating peas from pods.

Then, we see that the Governor is back — he’s watching what’s going on from a distance. Has he been responsible for certain things, like making the fence more unstable, and luring more zombies there somehow, to add there weight to try to knock the fence down? Does the Governor have one or more of his people on the inside of the prison, like maybe the one who has been feeding the zombies rats?

Hershel (Scott Wilson) was Da Man in The Walking Dead episode, Internment, tonight. Kudos to the great acting job he put in, and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) was awesome, as well.

From the previews for next week,  we’re shown that the Governor will have a big impact in the episode. Internment was an action-packed episode -of The Walking Dead – next week’s should be great, as well. Please tune in and watch the next episode with me, and then check out my recap/review of it!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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