The X Factor Performance Show November 27 (Review & Videos)

The X Factor Performance Show November 27, 2013

On The X Factor tonight, it’s another Performance Show! Only 8 acts remain this season, and the tension keeps increasing each week — as Simon Cowell has said before, “No one is safe” on The X Factor. The competitors left must sing practically flawless performances, or they’re in danger of not receiving enough votes from you, America, to keep them in the competition. Tonight, the remaining 8 will have to sing Big Band songs. They are dedicating their acts to the people who mean the most to them, in honor of Thanksgiving.

The song Live and Let Die bared from trumpets to start the show. Mario Lopez, the host of The X Factor, introduced the judges and the Top 8 acts remaining.  They are all great performers, and I will hate to see any of them go. But, that’s what will happen tomorrow night — two acts will be eliminated, one early in the episode, and then the two acts who receive the lowest amount of votes will face each other in a head-to-head sing-off, and the act determined to be the better of the two by the judges will stay while the other one will get sent home.

Mario introduced Michael Buble, who sang “You Make Me Feel So Young.” The judges were all on their feet as he sang. He’s a great singer, though I’m not particularly a fan of the kind of the kind of music he sings. He had the audience cheering for him, though, and they heartily applauded when he was finished singing the song.

Mario said that the Final 8 will perform a Big Band number after the next break, and he again mentioned that this would be the final eliminations determined by America this season and that two people will be eliminated tomorrow night.

After the break, we see Demi talking with Rion Paige, and Rion says she will dedicate her song tonight to her mom. She is thankful that she has her mom there to help her when she needs it.  The song Rion will be singing is “Swingin’.'” Rion is rocking some cool-looking eyeglasses. She does an awesome job of singing this song — she can sing a telephone book and make it sound great! The audience clapped along as she sang, and they were standing on their feet the entire performance.

Kelly: “I would like to say that Rion Paige can work the stage like a pro. I did not know that you were so flirty, Miss Thing.”

Paulina: “I’m so excited at this moment for you.”

Simon: “Did you choose this song?”

Rion: “I fought for it.”

Simon: “Thank God you did. You’re as cute as a cupcake. I think it was one of your best performances.”

Demi: “Simon, I think that you should look out. This girl is going to kill your category.”

Mario reminded the viewers about voting beginning right after The X Factor ends, and said that the first of Simon’s groups will perform right after the next commercial break.

Restless Road are the first of the two Groups Simon has left to perform tonight. They will be singing “Life is a Highway.” They are dedicating the song to the uncle of of of the groups’s members (Andrew Scholz), Uncle Bill, whose plane crashed during an air show.

They’re all dressed up sharp, in tuxedos. The young ladies in the audience really love them, and screamed and cheered at different times during their performance.  The reminded me of a three-member version of One Direction. The entire audience got to their feet and applauded. What will the judges think?

Kelly: “You guys worked really hard this week and it showed.”

Demi: “You guys did really well, and you looked like stars up there. This might be my favorite performance from you guys.”

Paulina: “We feel that energy, that chemistry. There’s nothing more sexy than a country song sang with great chemistry.”

Simon: “They did choose the song. I liked what they were wearing, particularly you, Andrew. I  think it’s going to catch on.”

Mario said, before the next break, that everything could change with a dramatic performance at the end of the show where all of the acts will take the stage and sing together.

The third act on The X Factor to perform tonight is from the Over 25s group, Kelly Rowland’s group. Jeff Gutt will be performing. First, the show takes a brief look back at Jeff’s performance last week of the Queen song, Bohemian Rhapsody. Jeff is dedicating his performance to his dad.

Tonight, Jeff Gutt is singing Feeling Good. He is AMAZING singing this song! He definitely shows off his vocal song, and his powerful pipes. The audience claps along as he sings.  He is KILLING this song, in a very, very good way.  The women in the audience scream at various times during his performance.

He gets a standing ovation, of course.

Demi: “I never thought of you as doing this song, but you KILLED it.”

Paulina: “I think you killed it! I loved it!”

Simon: “It was absolutely fantastic! I loved it! I think that you’re a really decent guy, Jeff, and you really deserve a break.”

Kelly: “I can’t wait to download that performance on iTunes, because I really LOVED it.”

Josh Levi, “the one and only” according to Paulina, will perform next for The Boys.He is dedicating the song to his grandmother, who is going to be there to watch him perform it. He is wearing a stylish fedora.

The song Josh is singing is “Treasure.” He does a great, really cool, performance of it. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a Big Band song, but I wouldn’t say “Life is a Highway” is one, either. so that didn’t bother me. Josh put a lot of emotion into the song, and had the young females in the audience screaming for him as he sang.

“That was so GREAT! I feel like you just animated it! You have so much charisma, Josh! We were waiting for it!”

Josh: “It was my grandma. I just had to do it for her.”

Simon: “Josh, you must have been drinking a lot of Energy Drinks! You were up on everything as you danced.”

Paulina: “Everyone agrees with me! You were fantastic! I’m into you, baby!”

Mario: “The survivor of last week’s sing-off, Carlito Olivero, will perform after the break!”

Carlito Olivero will be singing “La Copa de Vida” / “Maria Maria.” He is the last person to sing that’s left on The Boys team (Paulina’s). He is dedicating the song to his entire family, who he says that he is very grateful for.

This might be the best performance I’ve seen yet from Carlito! He sounded all grown-up on stage. He rocked this mash-up! He had the audience standing up and dancing in place as he sang. The sexy women dancers on the stage added to the performance, as well.Demi and Paulina stood up and applauded.

Kelly: “It finally seemed like you were having fun on the stage. Just let it go!”

Demi: “That was amazing! It was probably one of my favorite performances I’ve ever seen you perform! You need to stick to this! That was amazing!”

Simon: “You looked so comfortable out there with that song! I’m very, very proud of you!”

Paulina: “It was like a big fiesta out there! I love you!” Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this video posted yet on YouTube to include here.

After the break, we got a backstage peek at the females getting ready to perform, using Cover Girl makeup. Cover Girl is a sponsor of The X Factor, of course….

Alex & Sierra, Simon’s last team, will perform tonight for The Groups. We got to see Alex & Sierra talking about when they started off performing, and about the comments of the judges. Alex said that he was very thankful for Sierra. They both dedicated the performance to each other. They sang “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Alex didn’t have his guitar with him tonight. He was dressed up in a tuxedo, and Sierra had on a classy, long red dress. They totally did their own version of this song, but they OWNED it! The audience clapped along with them as they snag, and screamed at different points. Sierra hit some awesome high notes. The audience erupted into applause!

Kelly: “Sierra, look at you, honey! You are a perfect ten tonight! I wasn’t crazy about this version of the song, but your personality, Sierra, and your charisma — you just shone tonight!”

Demi: “At first, I thought I hated the arrangement — but, you guys really made me like this version! You nailed it! I thought you did great!”

Paulina: “You make me feel in love the moment I heard the song!”

Simon: “I thought what you guys did with the song was clever and cool. It was a great, great vocal performance.”

After the break, Kelly introduces her final singer from The Over 25s, Lillie McCloud. She says that she will dedicate the song she sings to Terry, the man she is currently in love with. The song that Lillie will be singing is “Summertime.”

Lillie sounded confident and sure of herself as she sang, and she hit high notes like crazy, owning this classic tune. The way she ended the song was pretty great, also. The audience really loved the performance, and gave her a standing ovation.

Demi: “You’ve been hiding that range the whole time! This is the best you’ve ever done, in my opinion!”

Paulina: “That beauty! That voice! That figure!”

Simon: “I loved that last note, but — I really wanted you to let go, I just I had been mentoring you on that song.”

Kelly: “Simon, SHUT UP!”

When The X Factor returned from break, Mario said “Don’t forget that tomorrow is our Thanksgiving Special! Demi Lovato and Michael Buble will perform!”

Demi then introduced the last girl in her The Girls group. Ellona Santiago. She says she will dedicate the song to her older sister, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Her sister showed up at her rehearsals! My own father passed away from cancer, so this really touched me.

Ellona sang “Momma Knows Best.” She gave a red-hot, smokin’ performance of this classic hit! She was dress in a white coat, with a white hat — then, she peeled the coat off, and threw the hat down, to reveal a short golden-colored dress, like a flapper might have worn. She KILLED this song! Great job, Ellona! ALL of the judges stood up and applauded!

Kelly: “That was the best performance I’ve seen from you!”

Paulina: “You were in command up there!”

Simon: “That was what I’d call a game-changer! You may now, after the performance tonight, of winning the whole show!”

Demi: I couldn’t be more proud of you! I’m really, really thankful for you! I very well think that you will win this competition!”

Mario: “The Final 8 will now go head-to-head. This is — the Final Face-Off!”

The Final 8 were mentored by Michael Buble. They will each only sing a couple of sentences. They will be singing Cry Me a River. Michael told them each to make their part of the song his/he own.

Rion: I have to show America I can stand out from anyone in this competition.”

The Final 8 took the stage, and Jeff Gutt started it off — AWESOME, Jeff! Rion took over next — Again, AWESOME! Then, Restless Roda, then Alex & Sierra sang parts of the song — Lillie McCloud and Josh Levi were AMAZING, and –all 8 did so great on this cool song!

Kelly: “Lillie sang one line, and it was all OVER. I thought that Alex & Sierra were great, but the others blended in.”

Demi: “The people who stood out for me were Ellona, Josh, and…Carlito. I thought that Lillie could have given us more.”

Paulina: “I think my two boys — Josh and Carlito — did great, and Ellona — I thought you were amazing!”

Simon: “You can’t judge someone on just three lines! That’s ridiculous! But, I thought that one person really stood out, and that was Ellona.”

Mario: “Online voting is open until ten a.m tomorrow, and phone in is open for the next two hours!”

Wow! There were a lot of great performances tonight on The X Factor! Who will be the two competitors eliminated tomorrow? I have no idea, as I thought they were all great; but, I think that Ellona and Jeff Gutt should be two of the acts to stay on, and I thought Rion Paige’s performance was great, as well — the final song, I felt, didn’t really allow the performers to claim the song as their own, though Ellona, Josh, Jeff, and Carlito did the best with the little that they had.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, America, and please tune in with me tomorrow night to watch The X Factor, see who gets eliminated, and then check back and read my recap/review!

Written by: Douglas Cobb