The X Factor Results Show November 14 (Review & Videos)

The X Factor Sweet Suspense Eliminated November 14, 2013

The X Factor Results Show episode will have a double elimination tonight. America, you voted last night and this morning, and the two remaining competitors out of the 12 who are left who have received the lowest amount of votes will be sent home tonight. Also tonight, Selena Gomez is scheduled to perform her hit, Slow Down, and Fifth Harmony will perform Better Together.

Last night, Carlos Guevara was sent home, because he received the lowest amount of votes from America. Who will be the two competitors to be sent home in tonight’s episode of The X Factor?

Mario Lopez started off the show by introducing the judges, as usual, and then he recapped yesterday’s episode and mentioned about the dual elimination that faces two of the 12 musical artists who are left in the competition.

“Get ready for an intense night,” Mario says. “Welcome, for the last time, the Final 12!” They start off the night singing the song Perfect Day. It was pretty freakin’ awesome, IMHO. Their voice harmonized very well together. It will be sad seeing two of these talented singers leave.

After the recap I mentioned, The X Factor went to the first commercial break of the evening. Then, we’ll learn who the first act to be sent home tonight will be. Though I’m pretty sure of some acts that won’t be sent home, after that, who knows? It could depend upon who has the best-looking Facebook page, or the most fans already, who tweet about their favorite singer/act.

Back from the break, Mario showed a little bit of a behind-the-scenes look of the young girls getting their hair and make-up done, getting ready to go onstage.

“Lives are going to change tonight,” Mario says, quite dramatically. “This is it. The act leaving the competition right now, is — Sweet Suspense!” That’s a shocker, of a sort — they did fairly well last night, singing Mickey.

“No one is safe,” Mario says, before more commercials. “Coming up is a performance by Selena Gomez!”

As promised, Selena Gomez took the stage after the commercials, singing Slow Down. She had the audience screaming and cheering for her right from the beginning of the song.  There were very cool lighting effects, and the dance choreography was amazing.

Then there were more commercials. The X Factor is practically half over, as it’s just an hour long tonight, so I’m guessing we’ll hear who the second act to be sent home will be soon.

Mario  then announced nine of the acts who would be going on to the next episode of The X Factor:

“Nine acts are safe The first act safe and through to the Final Ten is — Carlito Olivero! The next  safe is — Josh Levi!! The next one through to the Top Ten is — Rion Paige! Also coming back next week is — Jeff Gutt!The next act through to the Top Ten is — Restless Road! The next act safe and through to the Top Ten is Tim Olstad! Also through to the Top Ten is — Ellona Santiago!  The next through to the Top Ten is — Lillie McCloud! The last act going through to the Top Ten is — Alex & Sierra! Rachel Potter and Khaya Cohen will have to go head-to-head in a showdown to see which one of them will continue on to the Top Ten.

“They’re going to be singing for survival. This will be the battle of their lives,” Mario continued. We’ll see the showdown right after more commercials and a performance by an act who had their beginnings on The X Factor, Fifth Harmony. They took the stage singing their hit, Better Together.  They had a great stage show, and put on a very energetic performance. The females in the audience were cheering and screaming the entire song.

After Fifth Harmony performed, The X Factor went to another commercial break. Blah. The showdown should be a great one — I’m very surprised that Rachel Potter and Khaya Cohen had the fewest votes of the remaining acts. Both of them are fantastic singers.

“Welcome back to The X Factor. There are only two acts left — one will stay and one will go home,” Mario says. He continued, saying that the judges would decide who will stay and who will be sent home of these two.

Khaya Cohen went first. She was awesome!  She sang Don’t Give Up on Me and had the audience hanging on he every word as she sang. She wailed — her voice is so powerful! I saw Demi making notes — I wonder if they were good notes, or bad ones?

More commercials followed Khaya’s performance.

“America, let’s get this together!” said Kelly. Then, she added: “This is the incredible Rachel Potter!” Rachel is from Kelly’s team, The Over 25s. She took the stage singing From This Moment.

This will be tough. The songs are pretty different. Rachel did an awesome job with this song, but it’s a slower one — will that have anything to do with the decision of the judges? The audience cheered appreciatively for her –who knows?

“Kelly, what is the name of the act you are sending home?” Mario asked Kelly.

Kelly said that both girls should be going through, but she said the act she was sending home was — Khaya Cohen.

Paulina’s decision was Rachel Potter.

Demi then was up — she is Khaya’s mentor. Demi said that maybe America thought both of the girls would be safe, so didn’t vote for either one. Demi said the act she would send home was Rachel Potter.

Simon said that both of them did really well in the sing-off. He said the act he would keep is the one who has the “most potential.” So, he said he would send Rachel home — Khaya gets to move on to the Top Ten, and Rachel Potter will be going home tonight!

America, what did you think of tonight’s episode of The X Factor and the results of the double elimination? Would you have decided to vote to keep Rachel Potter or Khaya Cohen, if you had been given the choice? Please leave your comments below, and tune in with me next week to watch The X Factor and then come back here to read my recap/review of it!

Written by Douglas Cobb

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