The X Factor Top 12 Perform November 6 (Review & Videos)

The X Factor Top 12 Perform

On The X Factor tonight, the Top 12 perform, and we’ll get to see the members of the judges’ teams perform some of the hits that made Motown famous. Starting this episode, Motown Night, they are competing for the votes of America, and the acts who receive the most votes will get to move on, while those that don’t will be sent home. Get ready to vote, America, for the acts YOU think are the best, for the singers and groups that YOU think have the X Factor, on The X Factor!

First off, Ellona Santiago, Rion Paige, and Kelly Cohen sang ABC by the Jackson 5. The Over 25s sang Dancing in the Street. Mario Lopez looked retro and black-and-white, as he introduced the episode. It was a pretty cool way to begin the episode featuring some of the biggest hits of the 1960s out of Motown. Kelly Rowland had a somewhat chic but retro hairdo, also.

Last week, Mario said that they had serious doubts about someone who had been eliminated; so, they brought him back — Josh Levi. So, actually, there are 13 acts tonight, instead of 12. Josh began the show, singing Who’s Loving You by the Jackson 5. He was on Paulina Rubio’s team, and will still be, in tonight’s episode.

He had the females in the audience screaming right from the start, and the audience gave them a standing ovation.

DemI: “It was the smartest thing Paulina did, bringing you back.”

Simon: “The difference from last week this week is that you went from zero to hero.”

Mario tells America that the acts will be keeping the same phone number throughout the rest of the episodes, so write them down as you see them on the screen. Voting will begin right after this episode of The X Factor.

From The Over 25s,Kelly’s team, Rachel Potter will be singing This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You) by the Isley Brothers. She gave an incredible performance!

Demi: “Rachel you’re such a sweet girl, you’re so energetic.”

Simon: “Rachel, you started off great. I thought it was horrible. I don’t get it. You made it literally insane.”

Kelly: “He’s just saying that because you have him shaking in his boots. It was a wonderful performance. Rachel, you deserve to be here.”

Carlos Guevara is the next to perform, from Paulina’s team, the Boys Team. He’s singing What’s Goin’ On, by Marvin Gaye.

Kelly: “I’ll be honest with you — I don’t think it was the right song for you.”

Simon: “If you want to succeed in the real world, you have to be incredible. That was quite good, but not incredible.”

Paulina: “I believe in you, and you did great.”

Restless Road was the first group up for Simon on The X Factor. They didn’t want to sound any different than they usually do — they wanted to make the song Easy their own; and — they DID — they gave a superb performance of it, and the audience was screaming, cheering, and clapping along with them the entire time. They got a standing ovation.

Demi: “You know a lot about Motown. That was your prime, right? Straight out of college? You gave them a great song.”

Paulina: “The lead vocalist — you need to be careful — you sounded too ‘peachy’ some of the time.”

Simon: “I was talking to Lionel Richie, who wrote the song, and he thought it was a tremendous choice. You guys just keep getting better and better.” Simon, dropping names…

Ellona Santiago will sing from Demi’s team, The Girls. The song she’s singing is Baby Love. She said she’s also studying for the SATs, and everything’s been so hectic lately.

Demi: “If you fight on life as you have onstage, you’ll be the better for it.”

Ellona was dressed in a cool-looking, sparkly dress (I’m not good with colors — but, it was a purple color).

Kelly: “Ellona Santiago, you are a powerhouse. You are so talented; you will go far.”

Simon: “I have to tell you — you absolutely nailed that song. You’re really focused, you’re determined, you want to win.”

Demi: “You know what?” she said to Simon. “You can shut your face. I’m really proud of my girl, and she did a great job.”

The next performer is from Kelly’s team, The Over 25s. The singer will be Jeff Gutt, from Detroit, and he’ll be singing Say You, Say Me. He is doing a fantastic job, IMHO, and has the audience entranced.

We had company over, so I didn’t catch the comments of the judges.

The second group up for Simon was the duo, Alex & Sierra. They are worried about changing up a classic, but yet, they want to sound like themselves, too. They will be Heard It Through the Grapevine. They were pretty awesome, though it was a very different, more pared down, acoustic version. They had the audience clapping along — it was a great performance. They got a standing ovation from the audience.

Paulina: “It feel organic, the really thing is still there; I loved it.”

Demi: “This was sexy and hot; oh, my God.”

Simon: “Two weeks in a row, you just did incredibly well. I’m really proud of you.”

Mario: “‘Heard It Through the Grapevine‘ was originally rejected by the record label.”

Demi’s group, The Girls, is next, and Khaya Cohen, 16, will be singing My Girl by The Temptations — she belted the song out, and had the audience really into it. They gave her a standing ovation, also.

Kelly: “You just killed that performance. You came out with all this sass. Wonderful, Demi, wonderful.”

Simon: “You know what? Shutting my eyes, it was almost like listening to Amy Winehouse, and that’s a compliment. Your vocals were absolutely fantastic.”

Demi: “I was so proud of you. Your voice could be the best of anybody in the competition.”

Carlito Olivero will be singing a song by The Supremes after the next commercial break. It’s Stop!In the Name of Love. He’ll be singing it as a ballad, and he’s a little bit worried, because he’s not doing an upbeat song. “I need to give that energy to the crowd, even though it’s a ballad, and blow everybody away,” he says.

Carlito has the young women in the audience screaming out for him from the start. He does a really, really fantastic performance of this classic, and the women are really expressing their appreciation.

Kelly: “You really pour yourself into the song. But, you might be a little ‘peachy,’ as Paulina says.”

Simon: “It wasn’t as good as last week. It was too ‘girly,’ too theatrical. You took a step back for me.”

Paulina: “I think you did good. You’re learning an improving as we talk.”

From The Over 25s, Kelly’s group, was Lillie McCloud, 55. “If anyone is going to absolutely nail it tonight, it’s Lillie,” Kelly says.

Lillie starts off her song — All In Love — slow, but dramatically, and the audience was screaming and cheering from the beginning of her first note.

She got a standing ovation! I didn’t see her video posted at YouTube yet, so it’s unfortunately not included here.

Demi: “Your voice is incredible!” She was almost drowned out by the cheers of the audience. She then added that Lillie sounded “dated” again.

Paulina says that Lillie sounds like a “goddess.”

Simon: “I did say last week that you sounded ‘dated.’ But this week, you were doing one of my favorite songs, Blue, a Stevie Wonder song, and you sounded absolutely wonderful. But I still think that there is more to come.”

Mario says that Sweet Suspense will take the stage right after the next commercial break.It’s Simon’s last group. They will be singing You Keep Me Hangin’ On by The Supremes.

They were really awesome — they all wore silver dresses, and their voices harmonized very well together. They, also, got a standing ovation from the audience.

Kelly: “You guys –the music, the wardrobe — everything — I love you guys!”

Demi: “You killed it! I’m so proud of you!”

Kelly: “Take it, run with it, claim it, it’s yours.”

Simon: “I think you girls have grown so much the last few weeks.”

The final singer from The Girls group, Rion Paige, 13 (It think), is next. She’ll be singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. She killed it! She did her own version of the song, but stayed true to the original. I really liked her performance — she got the audience into it, also, and sang it with such emotion.

Kelly: “I have to say you looked absolutely radiant tonight, Rion. I’m not sure that I liked your rendition of it, though.”

Simon: “You pulled it off, you turned it into a beautiful version. I think it was a better performance this week than last week.”

Demi: “You really pulled it off. I’m really proud of you.”

Tim Olstad will be the final performer of the night, singing The Jackson 5 megahit I’ll Be There. Paulina tells him “I want you to be you,” and that he should “keep his energy up.”

Olstad did a really great job with this standard, and the chorus helped out, too. Tim showcased his powerful vocals, and had the audience rockin’.

Demi: “To me, you have a wonderful voice. But, it was really karaoke. I’m struggling to see where you fit.”

Kelly: “You are an incredible singer — you really are — but, I was expecting more from from you. That was a really watered-down performance.”

Simon: “Tim, I really liked it. I know who you are now. You’re Donnie Osmond. But, look, you need to know what direction you’re going in, I think that Josh Grobin is a good comparison.”

Paulina: “I don’t agree with Demi, but I love her anyway. I think there’s a market for you.”

Then, we saw a recap of the night’s performances, with the phone numbers on the screen for each of the acts, as the voting has now officially opened. So, America, what are you waiting for? Grab your phones and vote for your favorite acts, to ensure that they will continue on the rest of the season on The X Factor!