Thor Actress Kat Dennings Selective About Film Roles

Dennings Is Perfectly Happy Being Comic Relief

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Dennings on the Thor panel at San Diego Comic-Con

Kat Dennings, starring in Thor: The Dark World, premiering Thursday night, says she is selective about film roles. The 2 Broke Girls star filmed Thor while on break from her TV series.

Dennings played sidekick Darcy to Natalie Portman’s character Jane Foster in the first Thor installment but in tomorrow’s release, she will play a bigger part in Thor’s story though not where action is involved. Filming her TV series and Thor proved to be a challenging juggling act for Dennings.

Dennings would go back and forth between filming Thor and 2 Broke Girls. This went on for six months. How she was able to balance filming both is anyone’s guess but says she is unable to focus solely on TV acting; instead, she needs the challenge of both TV and film.

Fans may be surprised to know Dennings handled her scenes in Thor with aplomb, despite getting bruised from falling many times. Though she was nervous,  she plodded through and says she was proud of her work in the film.

Despite giving off a rebellious vibe, Dennings comes from a close family. The youngest of five siblings, she was home schooled until age 14, after which Dennings’ family moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. It wasn’t long before Dennings began starring in commercials before moving on to TV and films.

Dennings stands out in Hollywood because of her atypical looks. With her full lips, pale skin and deadpan humor, she seems to be comfortable in her skin. Dennings was voted one of the most beautiful women in Maxim in 2012, but she doesn’t seem to preoccupy herself with such superficial accolades. Instead, she chooses to ignore those who tell her to change her hair color and get a tan. That can take guts for someone who is in the public eye.

Dennings’ fans will be happy to hear 2 Broke Girls will be on air for another three years. The 27-year-old says she wouldn’t be happy working in just one medium. Judging by the humor Dennings elicits on 2 Broke Girls, it almost seems to be a requirement that she be the comical character. Dennings’ Max Black is the perfect counterpart to Beth Behrs’ prissy Caroline Channing.

Thor: The Dark World is expected to gross more sales than the first Thor film in 2011. Dennings appears proud to be part of a popular Marvel franchise.

Thor Quotes

Odin: You are a vain, greedy, cruel boy!

Thor: And you are an old man and a fool!

Odin: Yes… I was a fool, to think you were ready.


Thor: Sif, you’ve done all you could.

Sif: [wounded from fighting the Destroyer] NO! I’ll die a warrior’s death! Stories will be told of this day!

Thor: Live, and tell those stories yourself!


Thor: [taking coffee for the first time] This drink… I like it!

Darcy: I know, it’s great right?


Thor: [throws the mug on the floor and shatters it]


By Juana Poareo