Walt Disney: Disney Films in Remembrance as Inspirational Daughter Dies

Walt Disney

At the age of 79 Diane Disney Miller, daughter to Walt Disney and one of the main inspirations for his infamous Disney films has passed away. As a historical foundation of Walt Disney, we look back on the top five Disney films that universally shaped and will continue to influence the childhoods of many.

1. Walt Disney production Aladdin – The movie of a magical and hilariously comical genie who is released from his enchanted lamp by a thieving street urchin. Aladdin meets a princess named Jasmine who is undercover and dressed as a lowly commoner and with the help of his magical friend, attempts to win over her father the Emperor by pretending to be of royal descent. Meanwhile Jafar, the movie’s leading baddie tries to sabotage Aladdin at every opportunity with the help of his evil sidekick parrot, so that he can marry the princess himself with ulterior motives of becoming ruler.


2. Walt Disney production Little Mermaid- The story of a beautiful princess mermaid named Ariel who is constantly watched by her father’s loyal servant Sebastian. Ariel longs to be human and so makes a deal with the devil of water Ursula. She is tricked into agreeing with Ursula that if she does not receive a “kiss of true love” from someone in the human world where she has been forbidden from by her father King Trident, that she will become Ursula’s slave. Ariel is found washed up on the shore by a prince and is taken to recover in his castle until her time runs out.


3. Walt Disney production Sleeping Beauty – A tale about a princess named Aurora who is born and a royal celebration is thrown. When the evil fairy Maleficent ¬†finds out she was not invited, she bursts into the celebration and casts a wicked spell on the baby as a ‘gift’. Aurora is condemned to die on her 16th birthday by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. In order to prevent this from happening Aurora gets sent into the care of three fairies posing as peasants, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. The princess meets a prince on one of her daily strolls through the woods and only he has the power to break the spell.


4. Walt Disney production Lion King- A film based on the animal kingdom where a pack of lions rule the territory. A prince is born by the name of Simba and the whole kingdom burst into celebration. However Simba’s uncle is a secret enemy to the thrown and kills Simba’s father. Simba is tricked into thinking that it is his fault the king has died and flees the kingdom, where he meets his new friends Timone and Pumba who raise Simba like their own child. However one day he bumps into his old childhood friend Nala and she tells him it is up to him to save the Kingdom because Scar has corrupted the throne.


Last but not least in the top 5 Disney films, in remembrance of one of Walt’s main inspirations – his daughter who has sadly died, is:

5. Walt Disney production Beauty and the Beast- ¬†The plot about a beast who lives away from society in a grand castle. One day Belle’s father gets lost in the woods and the beast traps him in his castle. His beautiful daughter Belle finds her father and offers to trade places with him so that he can go back home without being hurt. Belle soon sees a different side to the beast and become aware of the magic floating around the castle. She finds an enchanted flower that is counting down the days until the Beast dies and only she has the power to break the spell.


These 5 films are legendary in the world of animation and are watched all over the world in many different languages. As Walt’s daughter and main inspiration dies, these top 5 films in her remembrance are a way to make her soul live on. The magic of Walt Disney will never die and to be part of its foundation is something truly special.

By Melissa McDonald