What Democrats Really Think of Women

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What do Democrats really think of women? If a new Obamacare ad in Colorado is any indication, not much, or let’s rephrase that to quite a bit. A new ad produced by the Colorado Consumer Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado as part of the “Got Insurance” campaign designed to entice young people to sign up for Obamacare. If a good portion of Obamacare enrollees don’t sign up Obamacare won’t be able to keep premiums low as promised.

Coming from the party which has always claimed it is Republicans who hate women, we can’t recall any Republican ever portraying young women as being promiscuous and easy like this latest ad does. The ad, entitled “Let’s Get Physical” portrays a young twenty something woman standing next to a young twenty something man, who has his arm around her. She is holding her Obamacare supplied birth control pills and is wondering if her partner is as easy as it was for her to get the pills. She states that since she doesn’t have to worry about getting her pills, all she needs to worry about is getting him between the sheets.

Another ad entitled “Hey Girl” shows a woman with a cardboard cut-out of Ryan Gosling, this one saying, “You’re excited about easy access to birth control and I’m excited about getting to know you.” Sure sounds like another portrayal of a woman as a, let’s say, hussy or maybe tramp would be kinder. Whatever happened to the old Democratic party cry of “Keep your laws of my body” any way? Is it now laws not okay, other things now okay?  Is this really how the Obamacare supporters want to portray women? Is this what the Democrats really think of them, that they are easy, cheap, libidinous, randy and wanton?

The executive director of ProgressNow, Amy Runyon-Harms said the ads are meant to “raise awareness”; exactly what kind of awareness she is referring to is unclear. Is it a new awareness of the availability of women? Hard to say.

Is this really the image Obamacare supporters want to portray? They have a website which doesn’t work and so far no one has been actually able to obtain healthcare coverage. The estimates of how many people have been able to sign up are way lower than anticipated, only 106,000. The president gave an “incorrect promise” i.e. lied, no matter what the New York Times want you to believe about how no one would lose their insurance, so the credibility of the program and the president is shot, and now, women are free to be, well “easy.”

It sure is interesting how these ads came out the same week that former President Bill Clinton said he thought Barack Obama should keep the promises he made to the people. There has got to be at least one unprintable joke in that connection somewhere.

One can only wonder if the new pick-up line in bars will be something like, “Excuse me, can I see your Obamacare card please?” Oh wait, people have to be able to sign up first.

By Paul Roy

Denver Post


NY Times

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