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Xbox One Hotel Beats Sony in Promotional Stakes

Xbox One Paris Hotel Games Via Room Service

Microsoft has created the Xbox One Paris Hotel which beats Sony hands down in the promotional stakes. In the run up to both Microsoft and Sony releasing their respective consoles, the initially lagging company has made up for lost ground. Now, competition between the two companies has geared up another notch or two.

Sony with their PS4 apartment in Paris fired a shot across Microsoft’s bow that generated an exuberant response. To mark the launch of its latest gaming console, Microsoft France has transformed  the Hôtel O in Paris into a space dedicated entirely to the Xbox One.

Where Sony designated a solitary apartment for a very limited time; the special area was only open until October the 18th and was accessible through special invite only. The flat was decorated in Playstation themes that included parrots and suits of decorative armor.

In an obvious attempt to make up for the the Xbox One unveiling fiasco earlier in the year, Microsoft have outdone themselves. The new Xbox One Paris hotel, which is the Hôtel O, is an elegant high-end establishment that is part of the Elegancia hotel group. Microsoft have turned the place into a homage to the Xbox fans who love gaming on the console.

At the 2013 E3 conference, Microsoft unveiled their next generation console and proceeded add to the disaffection of almost every Xbox gamer. The damage had already started with fans of the console when the former President of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick, managed to show just how little the company thought of their loyal consumers.

Mattrick stated in an interview prior to the E3 unveiling that gamers who did not like the new Xbox One, could stick to their last gen Xbox 360. To add insult to injury when the new console was unveiled the company had too many restrictions on their newest product. Constant internet connection; no using second hand games and the Kinect having to be on 24/7 were just some of the things that went down like a lead balloon with Xbox fans.

Microsoft, after firing Don Mattrick, then did a complete about face. They worked hard to win their consumers love back after the damage caused by the restrictions of the new console and Mattrick’s obvious contempt for their target demographic. Now it seems that with the new temporary themed hotel, they are catering to their fans like never before.

Nov. 22 is the opening day of the new Paris Xbox One Hotel. The opening has been timed to coincide with the day that the console is officially launched in the US and Europe. The Hôtel O is already well known for its high-end technical facilities and simple design, which makes it the ideal place to hold an Xbox themed “play-house.” In the promotional stakes of the two consoles this glamorous giant games arena beats Sony in size if nothing else.

Apparently some rooms have been given specific Xbox game themes like a Forza Motorsport 5 room or Ryse. Presumably there will not be a Dead Rising 3 room. Guests will have access to all the next generation console’s new features. They can play online or solo and they can try out the voice command, VOD, motion controls, and the music streaming app.

For the event the hotel’s bar has joined in the Xbox theme of the Hotel. The Xbox One’s watering hole will be open to the general public and they have made game themed drinks. The Abyssum-Ryse and the All in One, are just two of the cocktails on offer.

The Paris Xbox One Hotel, which beats Sony’s one apartment offering in October is on 19 rue Herold, 75001 and will be open until Jan. 1, 2014. With such an elegant, and high-end gaming arena, Microsoft has won in the area of promotional stakes. Will this be enough to boost the new Xbox console in sales? Time and cash registers will soon show who is winning in terms of gamer sales.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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