Amanda Bynes Home for the Holidays

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes is home in time for the holiday season, after being involuntarily hospitalized in July this year. She is being placed in the custody of her parents, despite being 27 years old. The Sydney White star has had a difficult year, after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Bynes’ mother has not only gained custody of her daughter, but also the custody of all her daughter’s finances. This does not seem like a celebrity mother trying to gain from her daughter’s spiral, before anyone assumes. She simply wants the best for her daughter, and is trying to help her through this difficult time. There were fears that Bynes would make herself bankrupt before she received help.

The mental issues Bynes had seemed to surface during 2012, when she was charged with a DUI and a hit-and-run. The 27-year-old actress reached out to President Barack Obama, stating that she did not drink and would never be involved in a hit-and-run accident. She never stood trial for the DUI, since she was deemed too  unstable mentally.

After the run-in with the law, she started posting bizarre and often offensive tweets. One of those was about needing Nicki Manaj’s wig person. Before her stint in rehab, Bynes would wear various colored wigs while out in public. Another involved stating that she could not marry a German due to her Jewish faith.

While Bynes is now home for the holidays, she will continue care through the outpatient facility. The choice for treatment was not hers to make, and she was sent to rehab after the issue of a 5150 involuntary hold order. This allowed her parents to make sure she gained the best help. Her mental state stabilized after doctors found the right balance for her medication.

She was not allowed outside for most of her treatment, partially due to paparazzi. Part of Bynes’ rehab reportedly involved art. She would continuously draw and it helped her to regain focus and confidence. It would make sense, considering she wants to be a fashion designer and own her own clothing line. With her dream in mind, plans for the future include going to college. The She’s the Man actress is looking into schools that will allow her to major in fashion design. It seems that she has given up acting altogether, after no acting for the last three years.

However, her next step is to face the courts for her DUI charge. This was meant to occur last September, but the star failed to turn-up. According to her lawyers, she was still too mentally unstable. A judge ruled in November that she is now fit enough to stand trial, but it will not likely be before January. There are high chances that she will enter into a plea deal, and that will probably mean she avoids jail time.

The Bynes family thanks the fans for their continued support. It was a difficult time for the family, but it was needed for the star’s mental health. While her progress does continue, Bynes is home in time for the holiday season, with the support of her family around her.

By Alexandria Ingham


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