Aron Ralston of Amputating Arm Fame No Longer a Hero

Aron Ralston

Aron Ralston, the hiker who became renowned for amputating his arm in order to free himself after being entrapped by a boulder whilst climbing, is no longer a hero in the eyes of the public.

The inspiration behind the movie 127 Hours, has recently been arrested for reports of violence by the Denver police department. The 38-year-old has been charged with assault and wrong-doing towards minors. Further details are yet to be released about the incident, and it is still unclear as to whether Aron Ralston has perceived the need to hire a lawyer.

The star has been denied bail, because the Colorado law states that domestic violence suspects have to remain in custody. As a result, he was required by law enforcement to remain in jail until his hearing.

Domestic violence has become increasingly common, and the Domestic Violence Research Center revealed statistics that one in four women have experienced physical violence inflicted by a partner, and that 74 percent of Americans personally know someone who is, or has been, a victim of domestic violence.

Many celebrity relationships have been scrutinized for violence, with the most infamous of recent years being Rihanna and Chris Brown. Other celebrities, like Halle Berry, have spoken out about their experiences of domestic violence. She stated that she had chosen many wrong men in the past who had made  her a victim, and also witnessed violence towards her own mother as a child.

Robin Givens, who was married to heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, and also Tina Turner, who was married to Ike Turner, were extremely vocal about their physical abuse. They urged all women to come forward who were experiencing similar troubles, and to not be afraid.

Similarly, domestic violence organizations urge people to look out for signs of violence, the most obvious being fear of a partner. Other signs, are a partner who seeks to belittle or control another, causing feelings of self-hatred, helplessness and desperation to emerge.

Aron Ralston was formerly known for amputating his right arm with a pen knife; however he will no longer remain a hero if convicted of the accusations of violence made against him. He made headlines in 2003, when he freed himself from a fallen boulder after running out of water and as a result having to drink his own urine. He walked five miles in the blistering heat before being rescued and immediately taken to hospital after his “operation.”

He wrote a best-selling novel about his ordeal, named Between a Rock and a Hard Place, which was later turned into a film where his role was played by James Franco, and was nominated for six Academy Awards. Below is a video listing the top ten real-life survival movies.

As outdoors-man Aron Ralston amputating his arm is listed as number one in the top ten survival movies, the recent accusations made against him may besmirch his name so that he is no longer categorized as a living hero. His courage to dismember himself when trapped, and battle with the unimaginable circumstances he found himself in, will never be forgotten. However, if he is charged with the mistreatment of another, that is what people will also remember him for.

By Melissa McDonald