Barry Hinson Has Had Enough of Lackluster Team Effort


Southern Illinois is 2-8 after Tuesday’s loss to Murray State, and Coach Barry Hinson has had enough. In a livid post game press release, Hinson blasted his players for what he called “lackluster effort” and abysmal ball handling. Hinson was in fine form as he blasted his players over nearly every aspect of the game, saying his wife could play better and even going so far as to call his players “Mama’s boys.” Hinson called out G position player Marcus Fillyaw personally, which he later apologized for.

Although Hinson has since apologized to Fillyaw, everyone is talking about the passion and sustained length of the venting Hinson underwent. Standing by his other frustrated comments, there is a division among press and fans alike over whether or not Hinson is in the right to be so harsh with his team, or if this is the sort of passion that a good coach needs. Many are viewing it as a cross roads, the rant will most likely only be seen as good, or bad, based on its outcome. Should the Salukis take their manager’s disappointment as a reason to train harder and show him up, then maybe the outburst will be seen in a positive light. However, should it be taken in a way that causes division in the team or throws of their game some other way, it will be seen as the reason they couldn’t win the season.

Hinson was very graphic in describing why he was upset. There were several instances that he felt the Salukis could have handled better, such as fumbled passes and poor defensive play. “I swear, I thought one time that one of our players said, ‘Merry Christmas.’ I thought it was a gift.” Hinson went on to claim that his wife could do a better job on fouls than 2 buckets out of 11 because “I KNOW my wife will AT LEAST SHOT FAKE one time.”

While certainly demeaning comments, Hinson has some backup from Athletic Director Mario Moccia, who said “I know this is not the season he wanted to have after 10 games (2-8). The losses have mounted, and he’s frustrated.”

While It was clear that Hinson had had enough of apparently lackluster team effort, there has been quite a bit of backlash over the harsh treatment. Davante Drinkard tweeted (and later deleted) “I can’t believe the little man had the nerve to call us mama’s boys. Shaking my head. I guess this is where Our team learns to point the finger.” Many fans cite Hinson’s passion as something every good coach needs, but opinions will most likely change depending on the team’s future performance.

Ther are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about how this rant will affect the Salukis. While it’s true that a team doesn’t like to hear it isn’t doing well, with any luck the players will take the criticism as constructive and try to bring more team effort to their future games. Although many may agree that the playing was lackluster, there are surely fewer that agree with Hinson’s statement that his team is “uncoachable.”

By Daniel O’Brien


CBS Sports

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