Benefactor Doing the Lord’s Work by Tipping for Jesus

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To some he’s a benefactor, to others a good Samaritan, but to many, especially to those he has blessed, he’s probably an angel. And he’s doing the Lord’s work by tipping for Jesus.

For those who have either waited tables or tended bar (5 days a week…8 hours a day), the certainty of earning even $30.00 in tips on some days is uncertain. So imagine the surprise when a customer leaves an unexpected tip of $1,000.00 or more… just because he’s doing what he was compelled to do – and tip for Jesus.

A charitable benefactor (whose attempts at anonymity have failed) has been helping others by tipping for JesusHis lavish tips have caused wait staff and barkeeps alike to become joyously overwhelmed by the blessings they have received from this total stranger.

Who is this cherub of charity spreading the love of God? It’s allegedly Jack Selby, former vice president of PayPal. And according to tip recipients, he is paying it forward in a big way.

The benevolent stranger has been gifting wait staff in various states with tips ranging from $1,000 to $7,000. Andrew Thomas, a 28-year-old waiter at The Smith restaurant in New York’s Lincoln Center area, received a $3,500.00 on a $350.00 bill. When asked what the stranger said, Thomas replied, “He introduced himself and said I don’t want my name attached to it, just spread the word,” and Thomas did just that. But the stranger didn’t stop there. Across town at Bo’s Kitchen, an eatery in the Chelsea area, another waiter, Aruj Dhawan, said that  Selby and two other patrons gave him a $1,000 tip on a $111.05 bill and stamped the receipt “tips for Jesus.”

In his interview with the New York Post, Dahwan gave his account by saying, “As I was about to drop the check off, one of the men said they would make my night. They called me over and gave me the check.” Dhawan further stated that he was “amazed and really thankful.” It stands to reason that Dahwan’s coworkers were thankful as well, since their tips are pooled collectively and divvied at the end of the night.  Cha-Ch’ing.

The generous tipper further extended his astounding largess to another New York waiter at the NoMad Restaurant to the tune of $7000. Though Selby is no longer anonymous, he constantly showcases the moniker of  the real benefactor working through him, by stamping his receipt checks “tips for Jesus.” And he does it over-and-over again.

Selby, a billionaire in his own right, is not only one of the founding members of PayPal, but also a Managing Director of Clarium Capital Management LLC, an investment management and hedge fund company.

This benefactor has been spreading the Gospel through charitable acts in New York, San Francisco and Michigan; and by all accounts, he’s probably got more work to do. His generous check receipts have been posted on Instagram showing tip amounts with the heading “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.”

In times such as these, it’s hard to believe that unrequited acts of kindness or charity exist, but they do. And though it can’t always be paid forward with lavish tips, one can always tip for Jesus with 20 percent and a heartfelt thank you for services rendered.

By DeBorah Heggs-Alston

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