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Beyonce Releases Fifth Album Exclusively on iTunes

Beyonce Releases Fifth Album Exclusively on iTunes

Beyonce surprised her fans on Thursday by releasing her fifth studio album, Beyonce, exclusively on iTunes. She was very well aware of how musicians like Lady Gaga and others had videos leaked, so Beyonce decided to release her entire album online in an effort to thwart anyone trying to do the same to her.

What will you get when you buy Beyonce?

Beyonce is a wild extravaganza of both Beyonce’s music, and videos. This album by Queen Bey is perhaps her most ambitious and best album of her entire career. Beyonce has been quite busy — the album contains 31 tracks. Of the 31, 14 of them are new.

Some of these songs are collaborations with today’s hottest singers. Her husband, Jay Z, is one of these musical stars — also, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Drake, and Beyonce’s baby girl, Blue Ivy, are some of the people who have lent their considerable talents to this album.

17 tracks on Beyonce are videos

Besides the 14 new song tracks, there are 17 tracks which are VIDEOs! That’s right — Beyonce has outdone herself, and has given her millions of fans something to jot down on the Holiday Gift lists this year.

The 17 videos were shot at locations worldwide, ranging from cities as wide-spread apart and diverse as Rio de Janiero, Paris, New York, and Sydney, during her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” Beyonce is a stunning visual album, a love letter to her fans.

According to Beyonce, she sees “music as more than just what I hear.” She relates emotions, memories and visual images with music, and with Beyonce, she “wanted to do a visual album.”

In fact, MTV and Beyonce’s label, Columbia records, have been on Twitter calling the album a “Visual Album.”

On a track titled “Drunk In Love,” Beyonce sings with her husband, Jay Z, while she sings along with the baby noises her daughter, Blue Ivy, makes on the track “Blue.”

The latest gem by Beyonce, named after herself — Beyonce — is available NOW at the iTunes Music store. At the end of the album is a digital booklet with a list of the tracks.

Queen Bey also crowned Queen of the Media

Beyonce has created such a “visual album” that she’s now being referred to online as the “Queen of Media.” It’s no wonder that she’s earned this nickname, because bsides including 17 amazing videos on her latest album, Beyonce went directly to the Internet to promote and sell Beyonce, undaunted by any preconceptions that to sell well, an artist’s album needs to be available at brick and mortar locations.

Starting on December 20, individual songs from Beyonce will be available to download from iTunes. Why bother waiting until then, though? Give yourself an early holiday treat, and download the entire album Beyonce now!

Written by: Douglas Cobb