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Beyonce Shocks Unsuspecting Walmart Shoppers [video]

Beyonce makes surprise trip to WalmartBeyoncé shocks fans with an unsuspecting trip to Walmart. Shoppers were already elated to see the star’s new CD, bearing the same name as the diva, on the shelves but an actual visit from the queen was the cherry on top.

Beyoncé made a special appearance at the Tewksbury, Massachusetts branch of the mega-chain store on Friday night and shut the holiday scramble down. The superstar stunned shoppers and took their mind of the rush of holiday shopping by greeting them and giving out $50 gift cards.

The 32-year-old singer’s new self-titled album is now the fastest-selling album ever to hit the iTunes Store, according to Columbia Records and iTunes. Beyoncé stopped by to celebrate the success of her fifth album and its record-breaking status.

Target may have decided against supporting her new project but Walmart got in on the glory along with the large Beyoncé Shocks Unsuspecting Walmart Shoppersaccumulation of mega sales that resulted from the diva’s presence.

Spokeswoman for Target, Erica Julkowski, said Target focuses on offering their guests physical CDs, not when the project is sold digitally before being sold physically, because this impact their sales. Well, not so this time Target. It looks like they may have missed out on a great opportunity because they were too upset that the diva topped the charts before they had the opportunity to benefit from it.

iTunes was the exclusive seller of the millionaire musician through December 18 with most retailers gaining the opportunity to sell the physical copy no later than December 20.

Target obviously didn’t like this arrangement and decided not to support Beyoncé’s efforts but Walmart and Best Buy thought differently. Walmart, who is a family friendly store all around, will only carry the “clean” copy of her CD but said they are happy to have her newest project on their shelves.

This statement was made before they knew Beyoncé was even considering a visit. The queen Bey walked into the Walmart wearing a turquoise skirt and matching top underneath a black biker jacket. She may have intended to come in unassumingly before announcing her presence to the fans, but Beyoncé can’t hide no matter how great the crowd. She’s a star and stars shine wherever they go.

The Single Ladies singer strutted through the aisles with her shopping cart alongside her security team as Walmart’s staff kept a lookout and held the crowd at a safe distance. As she was looking through the store doing a little shopping for her own queen, Blue Ivy, she happened upon the area where her CD was being showcased.

Not only did Beyoncé purchase a copy of her own project but she also bought a couple of Barbie dolls for her daughter, who was not with her this trip.

Beyoncé Shocks Unsuspecting Walmart ShoppersOf course this multi-Grammy Award recipient could not walk out of the store without addressing her fans over the loudspeaker. The singer encouraged the shoppers to support her by purchasing a copy of her CD, wished them a happy holiday season; and the biggest surprise of all was when she gave everyone a Walmart gift card for $50.

Walmart’s store manager said that a total of 750 gift cards were purchased by Beyoncé to total $37,500. Each gift card included a note from the queen that read, “Happy Holidays from Beyoncé.”

Shoppers were already excited to see Beyonce’s new CD on the shelves but the superstar diva shocked them and gained new fans with an unsuspecting visit. Congratulations on all of your success Beyonce.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

Daily Mail