Paul Bäumer of Bingo Players Loses Cancer Battle

Bingo Players DJ Paul Baumer loses battle with cancer

It was recently announced that Paul Bäumer, of the Dutch beatmakers Bingo Players, lost his battle with cancer on Dec. 17, 2013. The news was broken by Bäumer’s DJ partner Maarten Hoogstraten, with a message uploaded onto the duo’s Facebook page. The unfortunate news was subsequently confirmed on Wednesday, Dec. 18.

Hoogstraten extended his gratitude to their loyal fans for all the support received, since having originally announced Bäumer’s cancer diagnosis, back in July of this year:

“Dear All, I’m deeply saddened to tell you that Paul passed away last night after his battle with cancer. He fought strongly until the end. We want to thank you all for your support over the past few months.”

The message went on to announce that Bingo Players would be cancelling all upcoming shows for the remainder of the year, explaining that the crew were working through the “… loss with family and friends.”

Maarten Hoogstraten and Paul Baumer from Bingo Players
Paul Baumer (left) and Maarten Hoogstraten (right) from Bingo Players.

Bingo Players produced a number of big hits that have performed well in the global market. In 2011, they had a hit record with “Rattle.” Written and produced by both Bäumer and Hoogstraten, the single was produced by Hysteria Records and released as a digital download in the Netherlands, on Oct. 31, 2011. The track was then released to a worldwide audience on Feb. 6, 2012, along with the Candyland remix, entering the charts in Austria, France and the Netherlands. The song gained even greater success when the Dutch pair collaborated with Far East Movement to produce the “Get Up (Rattle)” remix.

The group also produced “Cry (Just a Little)” in 2011, which was released as a digital download to Belgium and the U.K. on May 18 and Sept. 18, respectively, of the same year. The track’s main chorus featured lyrics that were originally recorded in “Piano in the Dark,” performed by Brenda Russell during the 1980s.

Illustrious American rapper Flo Rida released a hit, entitled “I Cry,” that was based upon the Bingo Players track. Although Flo Rida’s edition received mixed critical reception, it still managed to generate considerable commercial success, entering the top ten charts in numerous countries across the globe.

The pair ran their own record label, Hysteria, which was home to a myriad of their top hits, including Rattle, Cry (Just A Little), L’Armour, Mode and Out Of My Mind, to name a select few.

With Bäumer’s conspicuous absence, from some of Bingo Player’s more recent performances, having been noticed by the electronic dance group’s fan base, the DJ decided to announce his cancer diagnosis in July. However, Bäumer declined to comment any further on his illness, but offered the following explanation for his mysterious disappearance:

“As some of you may know, I have been in the hospital over the past few weeks and I have not been at some of the recent shows while seeking medical treatment. I now have the results back and I wanted to let you know that I have been diagnosed with cancer.”

Bingo Players Rattle and Roll North American tour kicked off
Bingo Players’ “Rattle and Roll” North American tour kicked off on Oct. 10.

Bäumer and Hoogstraten had announced a headlining tour for this fall. On Oct. 10, Bingo Players kicked off their “Rattle and Roll” tour at LIV in Miami. The venue included performances from several artists, including Bassjackers, Carl Tricks and MAKJ.

Bäumer and Hoogstraten’s first meeting was one of pure chance. Bäumer was working a nighttime shift at a bar when he gazed across the room to find Hoogstraten wearing – what he thought to be – his jacket. Suspecting that Hoogstraten was trying to steal his possessions, Bäumer approached him. It actually transpired the pair had the exact same jacket. Their budding musical careers were forged from that point onward, as they began discussing their passion for electronic dance music and the possibility of producing their own music.

During the last part of Hoogstraten’s latest statement, he offered the following final words:

“Paul, we will miss you.”

These sentiments were echoed by fans of Bingo Players, who took to their Facebook page to offer their sincere condolences. Upon learning that Bäumer had lost his battle with cancer, DJ Martin Garrix described his shock on Twitter:

“Can’t believe it, just heard the new about Paul, my thoughts go out to all his friends and relatives. and of course Maarten [sic].”

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