Black Friday: Is It Worth It? [Video]

Black Friday Shoppers

The madness that started as a peaceful week became a nightmare for stores offering Black Friday discounts across the nation. While Black Friday promises rock-bottom discounts, is it truly worth it?

Online stores offer the same type of discounts and often have free shipping. Amazon has a full department store of goods offered at competitive prices, while brick-and-mortar stores also offer the same deals on their online stores– so why do people continue to physically brave Black Friday?

The scenes of fighting and arrests were the highlights of Black Friday, prompting every smartphone owner to videotape a predictable, chaotic scene. A mob of shoppers breaking down barriers and ramming store doors before store hours was the theme that overpowered store security guards.

It was not long before videos of shameful human behavior were uploaded for the world to see. The video below shows the lengths people go through to save a few bucks:



To make matters worse, terrifying assaults between shoppers and store associates became increasingly worse with little security. In Chicago two men were charged with a shooting that was related to Black Friday.  The video below shows a girl using an electric Taser on another shopper, which probably resulted from an argument:


Warning: Violent


While brick-and-mortar stores offer up to 75% off of merchandise, online stores, such as Overstock and Nomorerack offer up to 90% off with free shipping on a certain amount purchased. People brave Black Friday for seemingly worthy deals, and though it seems so many people do Black Friday shopping, there are that much more people who are resigned to online shopping.

The belief is online shopping comes with a price – the shipping price. However, shipping is usually free with up to $25 worth of merchandise in most cases. It is almost guaranteed that the people that brave Black Friday spend at least $100 and more. The assumption that there is a huge savings is a bit muddled as well. If you are more inclined to shop for quality, you will most likely not receive a huge discount on big names like Sony or Samsung.

The only good thing that comes out of Black Friday shopping is the fact that “oddball” businesses follow suit and offer deals that no one would think existed if it weren’t for Black Friday. Mortgage lenders, veterinarians, even dentists have joined in on the Black Friday tradition to gain new clients.

If there was a big-name brand that had a huge discount, the chances of not fighting over it would be slim. How many times have you gone to a Black Friday event and come out with an item or two, only to find that your purchased item was marked down more after Christmas?

With all the violence that continues to plague Black Friday shopping, it is safe to say that, no – it is not worth the elbow in the head or the stampede of human feet upon one’s back. It’s just madness that has yet to be justified.


By Dianna Coudriet

USA Today

USA Today

ABC Eyewitness News


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