Bonnie and Clyde Movie Spectacular Goes on Three-Channel Spree

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The brand new Bonnie and Clyde movie. which is a four-hour spectacular, is going on a three-channel cable TV spree.  It will begin Sunday night, end Monday evening and will be shown simultaneously by A&E, the History Channel and also Lifetime Network. During various major points of the story, Clyde Barrow talks to the audience about love, fate and the various reasons why the lethal two-year crime spree happened between Bonnie Parker and himself along with other associates back in the early 1930’s.

He is able to come up with a whole lot of reasons why he became such a criminal and he is able to lay the blame very far and wide. There was the Depression; his older brother, who, in this movie, begins Clyde on his crime lifestyle; Bonnie’s egotistical desire for fame and also popular culture’s adoration of outlaws and rebels. He fails to mention the real major reason for it, that he was just a brutal psychopath. Yet no one has the desire to watch a Bonnie and Clyde movie spectacular about cruel, sadistic killers.

This made-for-TV movie is careful not to offend and stays definitely right in the middle of-the-road. It sticks with the story of Barrow and Parker being two lovers involved in a star crossed affair and who have some really terrible luck. Emile Hirsch plays Clyde and Holliday Grainger is Bonnie, so each actor is older than their characters was when they died. Barrow was 25 and Parker was 23. However, it appears that they fit their roles very well.

There is also reported to be beautiful scenery of grand Texas fields under big Texas skies. Everyone will also see a glimmering, crescent moon with an oil refinery that shimmers in the evening light. It is obvious there was a lot of expense and trouble put into the making of this movie with all the minute period particulars. It should definitely help the movie come alive to viewers.

Another performance that is definitely worth mentioning is William Hurt portraying retired Texas Ranger Frank Hamer.  Hamer was the police officer who ended up taking over the search for both Bonnie and Clyde and ended up leading the team that trapped and killed them in 1934. Holly Hunter also is in the movie with a tiny role as Parker’s mother.

A disclaimer is located in the closing credits, which explains that the movie is based upon the lives of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. The mini-series does make a show of sequential conscientiousness, by having titles show both the dates and places of important events; old pictures, newspaper sheets and even old newsreels have been added in order to give the movie a documentary feel.

However the writers did reinvent Bonnie and Clyde history, putting people at various places they never were at, omitting other important characters and introducing Clyde’s brother Buck and Hamer to the tale quicker than they should have. In reality, the retired Texas Ranger was only asked to come on the scene a few months before he and his team killed Parker and Barrow. In the mini-series, he ends up chasing and then missing the couple so many different times, it is a wonder how he had such a great reputation.

Even though it is reported that the movie does not air a lot of violence, it supposedly does happen to show what machine gun fire does and it is supposedly is very graphic when Barrow and Parker’s bodies are shown bursting and twitching as they are each ripped apart from being shot up. What is not so surprising is a last moment plot swerve which serves to reinforce the film’s depiction of Barrow as actually being a tragic hero.

It was mentioned above, but will be listed here again. The mini-series will air on A&E, the History Channel and on Lifetime on Sunday and Monday nights at 9 p.m. for Eastern and Pacific times and at 8 p.m. for Central time if anyone is interested in viewing the Bonnie and Clyde movie spectacular which is going on a three-channel spree. The spree may be kind of hard to get away from.

By Kimberly Ruble

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