Charlie Sheen Happy With His Latest Choices

Charlie Sheen Happy with His Latest Choices
Charlie Sheen is making headlines sizzle again with accounts of how happy he is with his latest choices. One of those choices seems to include the ironic physical similarity between the “eeny, meeny, miny, moes“–of blonde gals that Sheen selects for himself. From Denise Richards, to Brooke Mueller, to allegedly his current girlfriend, porn star Brett Rossi, Sheen seems so attracted to pencil thin, blonde Barbie-look-alikes that if you were to turn all three women around, you would not know which one is which from behind because they all resemble each other from that angle.

Charlie Sheen Happy with His Latest ChoicesHe’s seen here, supposedly, is his new heartthrob, Rossi. How could anyone say that Sheen is “secretly dating” the porn star? It  is ludicrous. The actor himself, very fond of Twitter, has seen to it that the world-over gets a look at what Sheen has been up to lately. On vacation in Mexico, photos all over the Internet not only show Sheen kissing the latest bombshell blonde Rossi, but here, how snuggly he also is with the Richards/Mueller look-alike.

Of the “kiss & tell” photos, Sheen tweeted that it was the best Thanksgiving he ever had and that he is thankful for giving “the world” another face-load of planet jealous. Supposedly, he and Rossi stayed at Sheen’s villa in Los Cabos over the holiday, from where they shone as a new and happy couple and Rossi claimed she was with her “new love.”

Was this entire event some sort of “propaganda” employed by Sheen to demonstrate to everyone (possibly including himself) just how fully over ex-wife Mueller he really is? Not that Sheen would ever have difficulty finding companions with whom to spend time with and money on; his ex-wives both had alluded to his womanizing during their separate courses in marriage to the actor. But it simply chimes as satirical that his next choice in partner just happens to resemble the earlier two significant partners he previous had married, while Sheen remains on the war-path against Mueller, mother of his youngest twins Bob and Max, and Richards fights off allegations of having “abused” Mueller’s twins, of whom she had temporary custody not long ago.

While it appears that Sheen is happy with his latest choices, one has to wonder how that is really even possible when so much scandal and turmoil still surrounds his ongoing custody battles with Mueller. Moreover, how long would the happiness with Rossi last, since most of Sheen’s romantic relationships turn out short-term and tumultuous for the man with a bit of a short fuse himself?

Sources say that only recently Sheen ordered Mueller to immediately vacate the house he had purchased for her and his boys, and that although he had paid some $4 million plus for the home, Sheen was prepared to sell it for $1 to see that Mueller no longer has access to it. Sheen not only wants Mueller out of his house and life completely, he wants her nowhere near Richards and his kids with her either.

Apparently, Mueller thumbs her nose at Sheen, even if his constant tirades are over Mueller allegedly terribly abusing their twin boys, Bob and Max. Her brother Scott gets to “temporarily parent” her two boys since Richards surrendered that role recently and Sheen apparently proved unable to take on the responsibility once more. She supposedly thought of a way to disrupt Richards’ new life without Bob and Max as well. Mueller, apparently prematurely residing with Scott and the twins in Sheen’s house, since her rehab remains incomplete; allegedly recently accused Richards of abusing Sheen’s four children; her two and Richards’ two.

All of this seemed to have had Sheen displaying utter unhappiness. He responded by outright violating the gag order pinned to him a few weeks ago by the judge overseeing the DCFS case, and tweeted his latest rants against everyone from Mueller to the social workers at DCFS, to the judge himself.

Over the weekend, Sheen tweeted of the judge, “Mr. I’m Italian judge anus-brain.” It appears he did so wanting to comprehend the situation that seems to have unfolded, where his twin boys, says Sheen, now are “in harm’s way and in grave danger, being ‘raised’ by a gaggle of incompetent and lascivious marionettes all ruled and fooled by an Adderall snorting husk called Brooke.” Sheen had added that if this meant his going to jail for loving and protecting his kids, then so be it.

Supposedly, catching wind of those messages, the judge himself responded by calling an “emergency” assembly of all the lawyers handling this bazaar case to discuss Sheen’s latest outburst on Twitter. Amazing, only to conclude that it would do no good to hold Sheen in contempt, since this then would unfold a spectacle, and gained from Sheen’s attorney the assurance that Sheen would “muzzle himself” and be a “good boy” hereafter, which seemed to please the judge. More than likely, Sheen will want to do cartwheels with that news.

SheenTrioSheen seems all too happy with his latest choices. Sheen’s fans can only anticipate what the next chapter to Sheen’s life story is going to unfold, with the new kissing lips of the trio-look-alike, Rossi.


Commentary By Christina L. Ibbotson


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