Couple Uses Craigslist to Commit Homicide

Couple charged with homicide
Elyette Barbour awaits arraignment for homicide

Homicide charges are being filed against a recently married Pennsylvania couple after they supposedly enticed a man to their vehicle using an advertisement on Craigslist. Once there, the newlyweds apparently killed him for no other reason than the sheer enjoyment of it.

Twenty-two year old Elyette Barbour and his wife, Miranda Barbour, 18, had only been married three weeks when police reports say they killed Troy Laferrara, 42, after arranging a meeting with him on Craigslist.

According to Elyette, the couple decided they wanted to commit homicide together.  He also said they wanted to kill others in the past but all attempts had been unsuccessful until they managed to set up the appointment with Laferrara. Also under investigation is the death of the father of Miranda Barbour’s one year old child.

According to Elyette, his wife advertised herself as a “companion” available to men, but never engaged in any sexual activity. He said she was running her own business in which she was agreeing to be available to men for conversation and companionship.  She was making up to $850 a day.

Miranda Barbour was arrested on Tuesday and was charged with murder the following day.  Allegedly, she told law enforcement personnel that she had only met Laferrara once through Craigslist on the day the homicide took place. According to police reports, Miranda picked Laferrara up at a mall. She told police she stabbed him after he groped her and put his hands around her neck.

According to some sources, Elyette was arrested on Friday after allegedly confessing to police that he was hiding under a blanket in the back seat of the car when Laferrara’s meeting with Miranda took place.

Reportedly, on his wife’s signal, Elyette jumped up from behind a seat and wrapped a cord around the victim’s neck as he was being stabbed by Miranda. Laferrara’s body was found with twenty stab wounds on the morning of November 12 in an area directly behind Catawissa Avenue in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

According to Elyette, he had a small three inch pocket knife stashed in the middle console of the vehicle. Miranda claimed to throw that weapon into the Susquehanna River sometime after the slaying. It is not known for certain whether or not the knife was used in the homicide.

Elyette Barbour was charged Friday with homicide. He actually smiled at reporters and photographers before going into the courtroom for his arraignment.

Earlier in the week, Miranda  told investigators that after murdering  LaFerrara, she drove by herself  to a nearby department store and bought supplies to cleanse the blood from her car. Afterwards, she went back to her residence to pick up her husband and take him to a strip club in honor of his 22nd birthday.

After some intense investigation from Travis Bremigen, an officer with the Sunbury Police Department, Elyette confessed to law enforcement that it was actually him who went to the store and purchased the supplies. A video camera in the department store parking lot confirms this. It shows Elyette getting out of his car and walking inside on the night in question. Another security camera inside the store shows Elyette buying cleaning liquid, paper towels, bleach wipes, and a red shop rag.

Elyette was taken by police to the Columbia County Prison, while his wife is currently being held at Northumberland County Prison. Both individuals are currently incarcerated without bail on the charges of murder. Craigslist runs similar ads as the one posted by the Barbour’s but run a disclaimer warning those who answer the ad and absolving themselves of any responsibility. That disclaimer is always necessary, but it came in exceptionally handy when this couple allegedly used Craigslist to commit a senseless homicide.

By Rick Hope

Daily Item

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