David Cameron Agrees to Ship Pig Semen in Deal with China

David Cameron to Ship Pig Semen in Multi-Million Pound Deal with China

During a recent three-day trip to China, British Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to a multi-million pound deal that will see British farmers selling their best pig semen to Chinese importers. Cameron has expressed optimism that the deal will be beneficial to the British farming market.

Both countries agreed to the deal during the prime minister’s three-day trip to China.

Pigs’ meat is one of China’s greatest protein sources and currently 50 percent of the globe’s pigs are either located in or originate from China. It is speculated that it is in the interest of Chinese markets to improve the pigs’ genetics, whether for faster breeding or fatter pigs.

The Telegraph reports officials as saying that the deal holds a potential value of £45 million per annum for Britain’s pig farmers. This spring will see the first batch of pig semen being exported from British soil. This follows Britain persuading China recently to unlatch their trading doors and welcome the importation of live pigs. Prime Minister Cameron has high hopes for these business deals with China. Britain has been working towards the opportunity for such a deal with the Chinese, as it is one that could benefit both countries. China has a sturdy appetite for pork; however, they have not appeared yet to have backed it up with an equal production rate. British farmers will reap financial rewards, while the Chinese would have access to the best in pig semen so that they may have a greater yield, all without risking massive activists’ outcries or causing intense environmental harm.

David Cameron was joined on his trade trip by Environmental Secretary Owen Paterson, who played a pivotal role in sealing the pig semen shipping agreement with China. The secretary is also focused on opening up Chinese trading doors for the mass of pigs trotters- a delicacy among Chinese- that are discarded as soon as the pigs are slaughtered, a practice that is considered to be a waste by the British. British officials predict that if China were to accept British pig trotter exports, the market could be looking at a yearly income of £7.5 million.

Officials and spokesmen are assuring British farmers that this business trade link with China will benefit the entire country, including pig farmers. The pig semen extracted from “Britain’s best pigs” will be shipped to China and utilized to help sustain the globe’s most dominant pig population.

Secretary Paterson has a good track record when it comes to persuasion. During the course of 2012, he managed to influence Russia into accepting beef exports from the Brits. which was another win for British farmers and the businessmen who reap the financial rewards from such agreements. Paterson says that the newly-reached deal “would be a real win-win – a multi-million pound boost for Britain and a gastronomic treat for Chinese diners.”

In another persuasive bid, Britain’s Environmental Secretary is looking at getting rid of Britain’s slaughtered chicken waste, a deal that could rake in an extra annual profit of £70 million for British farmers. The British pig semen is set to sail in the spring and David Cameron has assured British farmers that they will reap the rewards of this multi-million pound deal with China.

Written by Jessica Rosslee




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