Demi Lovato – Health, Wealth, and Creativity for 2014


demi lovato

It looks like Demi Lovato has big plans for 2014 and they include health, wealth, and creativity.

After two seasons with Simon Cowell and crew on the X Factor Demi Lovato is getting her groove on with a three pronged attack for 2014. Lovato, who has had health issues in the past including bulimia and depression has committed to starting the New Year off with some time off. And why not? There’s no doubt the workload associated with working on the X Factor for the past couple of seasons and the television show Glee would be very demanding, so she’s walking away for some rest and relaxation. Apparently there are some visits to the spa on the calendar, sounds nice. It also looks like she’s booked January off and there’s almost a month of recharge time between the two legs of her upcoming tour. Good news for her fans, a healthy performer is a good performer.

With the commitment to health taken care of Demi Lovato is free to get back to business, and the ex X Factor judge wants to return to her roots…music, and she has the calendar to prove it. Starting off in early 2014 she’ll be hopscotching to a city near you. From Vancouver, Canada, to Rio de Janeiro and locales in between she’ll be serving up a Heart Attack…the song that is! It’s part of her Neon Lights Tour that kicks off in Vancouver on Feb. 9. From our northern neighbors she’ll be making tracks to 26 American cities before she wraps up the first leg in Indianapolis, Indiana, on March 30. In all she’ll be on the road to health, wealth, and creativity for almost four months with the second leg of the tour starting in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 25, and wrapping up in Monterrey, Mexico, on May 17.

The tour will highlight music from her fourth album, Demi. It’s all part of a plan to get her groove going. She’s been locked in LA and a medium that wastes her talent for too long now, no more. Walking away gives her a chance to once again focus on her greatest talent, writing and performing mega hits like Made in the USA,Skyscraper, and Heart Attack.

Bad news for the X Factor, great news for her fans.

But wait, the Neon Lights tour is just the second prong of her big plans for 2014, with the tour ending in May she still has a lovely slice of time for the third prong of her attack, to get creative. We all know she has the talent and if the first two prongs slide into place then her creative juices should be bubbling over by mid year. Hopefully they’ll bubble right into the recording studio where she can create a fifth album. She has commented on making one and if all goes to plan her fans might be able to get a hold of it before the end of 2014.

Sounds like a heck of a year! Which artist doesn’t dream of health, wealth and creativity? Looking at her calendar for 2014 it’s obvious Demi Lovato does, and as long as she’s in her groove fans can rest assured 2014 is going to be a bonus year with the prospect of more mega hits on the horizon.

By Scott Wilson

the Rolling Stone